New York

Discover where to find a luggage storage facility near Port Authority

If you have a few hours to spend in the vibrant NYC, don’t waste your time dragging around your heavy suitcase. Drop off your bags at a luggage storage facility near Port Authority.

This post provides many convenient temporary luggage storage options. So go on and make the most of your time!

Can I store my bags at the Port Authority Bus Terminal?

New York is one of the most lively cities in the world. No matter how heavy or large your suitcase is, the Big Apple isn’t a city to be explored by dragging suitcases.

Many visitors arrive and depart from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It’s located in Midtown and is close to the main city sights.

Often, people that still have some time off before leaving, or that are waiting to check-in to their accommodation, face the same problem: where can I leave my luggage in the meantime?

Unfortunately, you won’t find any luggage storage offices or lockers at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and in NYC stations. This was decided for security reasons after the tragic event of 09/11.

Anyway, if you travel with the Greyhound company, you have the possibility to leave luggage at the ticket office for up to 24 hours.
But, there are some downsides to acknowledge:

  • you’ll have to pay an extra fee (starting from $8);
  • you’ll need to collect bags within 24 hours;
  • all stored baggage needs to follow the restrictions listed here.**

Left luggage service near Port Authority

If you want to pay less and store your bags in a safe place near Port Authority, try Radical Storage or other NYC left luggage companies (see the list below).

Radical Storage is an innovative online luggage storage platform, which provides left luggage facilities in NYC and all over the world. Whether you are looking for a short-term, daily or even hourly storage place, Radical Storage is there for you.

Collaboration with local companies makes this service significantly more efficient than traditional luggage storage offices. You can find our storage locations inside shops, restaurants, hotels, or even laundries.

All Radical partners are verified and qualified to handle your luggage safely.

Furthermore, the easy QR code system makes it fast to check-in and pick-up your bags.

Luggage storage locations close to Port Authority

How much does it cost me to store luggage near Port Authority?

Radical Storage offers an unbeatable daily rate of $6 per bag:


  • The rate is fixed;
  • Each piece of luggage is covered by a guarantee;
  • No size or weight restrictions;
  • Large items (such as strollers, sports gears, etc.) are allowed.

Below you’ll find a pricing table of the major luggage storage companies in NYC.

  Radical Storage Luggage Hero CBH Luggage Storage Store Me
Number of locations per city 60+ 60+ 1 40
Daily rate $6 per bag $8 per bag about $10 per bag $7,50 per bag
Extra charge for an oversized bag No No Yes Yes
Handling Fee No Yes No No

Attractions near Port Authority

new york manhattan
Port Authority Bus Terminal is the busiest bus terminal in the world due to its heavy traffic. Many interstate bus services, and countless people passing by everyday.

Fortunately, it’s located in the heart of Manhattan island and is very close to many landmarks and attractions.

If you’re searching for a storage facility, it means that you have some free time to spend in the city.

Things to see near Port Authority

  • Times Square: the world-famous intersection brightened by neon lights;
  • The Empire State Building: iconic 102-story skyscraper;
  • Central Park: the largest park in Manhattan that divides the well-known Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods.