All you need to know about luggage storage options at Grand Central Station

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Are you looking for a luggage storage facility at Grand Central Station? This post will help you make the most of your journey by train in NYC and provides you with a list of luggage storage options in the surrounding area.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Luggage storage Grand Central Station map

grand central station map: luggage storage

Here are a few luggage storage Grand Central Station facilities:

Where can I store my luggage near Grand Central Station?

How many times did you want to spend your free time going sightseeing, but your bulky suitcase stopped you? Probably, your first thought was to leave it in the left-luggage office in the station.

You may not know that you won’t find luggage lockers in any of New York’s stations for security reasons.

Furthermore, most museums and main attractions, such as the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, don’t allow luggage.

Don’t worry, there are several solutions to get rid of your bags and enjoy your time stress-free.

What kind of luggage storage services are available near Grand Central Station?

The most comfortable way to free yourself of unwanted items is to store them at local shops, bike rentals, or restaurants.

You probably think it’s impossible, right? Well, we’re glad to say you’re wrong!

For some years now, this has finally become possible. You can now use online luggage storage platforms to find a safe place for your suitcases.

But let’s proceed step by step and see all the other choices you’d have.

As an alternative, you can use a traditional luggage storage office or even have your bags picked up and held for you by a mobile luggage storage service.

Schwartz luggage storage

Let’s start with Schwartz Travel, a common luggage storage facility in New York City. Currently, it has only one location available a few blocks from the Grand Central Station.

  • No reservation is required (walk-ins are welcomed);
  • Open everyday (8 am – 11 pm);
  • Discounts available for large groups.


  • Far from the Grand Central Station;
  • Rates depend on the size of the bag (starting from €5 per small bag);
  • Cash-only.


Let’s talk now about mobile luggage storage providers.

What’s that? It’s an on-demand storage service. It means that you can decide where and at what time to have your suitcase picked-up and where to deliver it.


  • Service available 24 hours


  • High rates (starting from $30 in Manhattan)

Radical Storage (recommended option)

Finally, let’s get back to the online left luggage platforms as they’re the most affordable and comfortable services.

Radical Storage and its competitors allow you to store your luggage in more than 60 storage points strategically located (close to the main landmarks and stations).

You can easily find and store your bags at different luggage storage Grand Central facilities. Besides, you can use this service as long term or short term bag storage.

Take a look at all the advantages:

  • Fixed daily rate: $6 per bag;
  • No on size&weight limits;
  • Each piece of luggage is covered by a guarantee;
  • All the partners are always supervised;
  • No queues both at drop-off and pick-up.

You can find Radical Storage on your US trip, but also all around the world. Choose the best luggage storage facilities around:

Grand Central station tour

grand central terminal
Grand Central Station (or Grand Central Terminal) is the main transportation hub in New York City and it’s located in Midtown Manhattan.

It was built in 1923 by the New York Central Railroad in the heyday of long-distance railway transport and has become an icon of NYC.

Furthermore, it’s the largest railway station in the world, counting 44 platforms and 67 tracks.

The station is housed in a large neoclassical building between 42nd and Park Avenue.

It’s a crossroads of busy commuters and lost tourists and a lively shopping and events center with thousands of visitors every day.

Here are the must-see sights:

  • The majestic Clock in the Main Concourse;
  • The Constellation: a detailed mural of constellations painted on the hall ceiling;
  • Grand Central Market: a food market in the east side hallway of the station.

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