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Where to find luggage storage facility near the Empire State Building?

New York should be enjoyed until the very last minute, so if heavy bags hold you back, you should consider leaving them at our comfortable luggage storage near the Empire State Building.

The Big Apple is a beautiful city lined up with many famous places to explore, and one of those is the iconic Empire State Building.

However, if you have too many bulky bags, you may have some trouble getting into the building. To avoid screwing up your day, you’d better leave your stuff at a safe luggage storage Empire State Building facility.

What kind of storage facilities are available near the Empire State Building?

luggage storage near empire state building

We know it’s not easy to choose the right company to entrust your personal belongings. Among traditional services and innovative storage options that partner up with shops, bars, or hotels, the choosing gets tough.

Let’s shed some light on the advantages these revolutionary services provide.

First of all, even if you don’t know it, you might find yourself in one of these luggage storage facilities! It could be a restaurant where to grab a bite or a fancy boutique with vintage clothing items. Take a look at the following luggage storage Empire State Building locations!

Probably, the closest one is the luggage storage Midtown. It’s just 0,3 miles from the Empire State Building!

Another one is a few steps away from the famous Bryant Park and is also 0,3 miles from the Empire State Building.

However, we advise against booking a random service. Remember to consider the details of prices and security criteria first!

Luggage Storage Empire State Building: Radical is the best choice you can make!

If you want to make sure you always find luggage storage near the Empire State Building, Radical Storage is the right service.

Do you want to know how many storage points we have in New York City? We collaborate with over 60 local businesses located in every corner of the city. That’s why most travelers rely on our service.

Moreover, we offer a very competitive price. If you want to store a suitcase for one day, it’ll cost $6 per item. No additional fee will be charged, and there is absolutely no weight or size limit on the bag.

All you need to do to lighten your load is to make an online reservation through our website or the app and find out where to drop off your bags.

What’s inside this skyscraper?

empire state building new york city
The Empire State Building is an iconic art deco skyscraper located in the Midtown district of Manhattan and is the most famous sight in NYC.

The firm Shreve, Lamb & Harmon was commissioned to design the building, and the final project was completed in 2 weeks. The timescale for the building was equally rapid. The work-site opened on 17th March 1930, and President Hoover officially inaugurated the building in May 1931.

The building stands 103 stories tall, and between 1931 and 1967, it was the tallest skyscraper in the world – surpassed by the Twin Towers, which were destroyed in the 2001 attacks.

In 2012 the One Trade Center beat the Empire State Building height record and became the tallest building in NYC since then.

Since 1981 the Empire State Building has been listed as a United States National Historic Landmark. It’s one of the most cherished monuments in the United States, and it’s been featured in several movies such as “King Kong,” “The Day after Tomorrow,” and many others.

The building houses around a thousand business companies, and there are two observation decks on both the 86th and 102nd floors. Every day crowds of visitors contemplate the whole city from up there, and on a clear day, other states such as Connecticut or New Jersey can be visible too.

You can find Radical Storage on your US trip, but also all around the world. Choose the best luggage storage facilities around:

  • Paris Gare du Nord. Get to Paris and be enchanted by the magic of the city from the first moment.
  • London King’s Cross. In the nerve center of the British capital, leaving your luggage at King’s Cross could make it easier for you to find your way to all the must-see destinations in London.
  • Sydney Central Station. Close to the central CBD district, you can leave your luggage and enjoy every corner of Sydney.
  • Tokyo Station. Set your hands and eyes free to enjoy every glimpse of Japan’s technological and innovative capital.

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