Luggage Storage Frankfurt Guide 2024

You have been trying to organize your trip to Germany for a while and, while you have been looking at all the different destinations that you could decide on, but you don’t know where to go. In this kind of situation, you can certainly find the perfect solution for you in Frankfurt, a wonderful city with lots of different landmarks and activities to do, so much that you cannot absolutely miss out on all the fun, so dive into the exploration of this amazing place without any hassle, and enjoy all the wonderful things that the city of Frankfurt has to offer.

Once you step foot inside the streets of Frankfurt, you will be taken away by all the colors and the excitement that the city will bring you, so you won’t be able to think much about the logistics of the trip since there will be so many other things to do during your stay. However, there is one thing that you should think about before going on with everything that you have planned during your trip, which is where you should leave all your belongings and bags, once you have arrived in the city, so you will have your hands free from any issue and you will simply wander around the city.

You should not worry too much about this issue, because you can easily find a convenient and comfortable luggage storage in Frankfurt, so that you can leave all your luggage and bags in one secure place, and not have to worry about carrying around your heavy belongings along the streets of Frankfurt. Since there are so many options in terms of luggage storage in Frankfurt, you should take a look at all the options that you might want to consider and decide which one might be the most suitable for you.

Where can I store my luggage in Frankfurt?

Now that you have finally arrived in one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the entire Germany, which is the eclectic city of Frankfurt, you must see how there are so many different activities that you should participate in, during your stay, so that you can proudly say to have explored the entire city and you haven’t skipped out on anything. Once you come back home, you will have found yourself full of fascinating memories that you will always cherish and remember fondly, especially if you have done this trip with some loved ones.

There could be many different reasons as to why you have decided to visit Frankfurt, maybe for an exciting trip with your friends, for a business trip where you will have to have a meeting or simply to visit someone dear to you who lives here. In all of these situations, there is one thing in common: your heavy luggage that you have to carry around the busy streets of Frankfurt, so you need a safe and convenient place to store them, while you are out and about.

When you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know where to leave all your belongings so that you don’t have to bring them with you to an activity or something similar, there is only one thing that you can explore, in order to fix the problem: look for the closest luggage storage to your position, so that you can leave your belongings in a safe and secure place

and not worry about their safety, and finally roam around the city’s streets without anything that should hold you back.

However, you must try to make your choice about which luggage storage company to choose very carefully, since there are so many companies that provide this kind of service, but, at the same time, you need to see all the alternatives and select the luggage storage company that will give you the best options, along with the best characteristics that some luggage storage might have, such as convenience, safety, reliability, and many other advantages. So, which luggage storage company might be the best for you?

Luggage storage in Frankfurt with Radical Storage

You should be ready to put all your worries away since there is a solution to your problem and it is Radical Storage: an international luggage storage company that will provide you with a great and extensive network of luggage storage all around the world, especially if you are looking for luggage storage in Frankfurt or in Germany so that you can always find some luggage storage available for you, book it in less than a few minutes, and finally be free from the hassle of carrying around your luggage.

In fact, Radical Storage can offer you with great solutions in terms of luggage storage, thanks to their partners, also called Angels, local companies, and businesses that have been chosen among many others according to their high standards of reliability, convenience, and safety. Thanks to their great variety, mostly located in the city center, near the main transportation hubs or the landmarks of the city, you can always find some luggage storage near your surroundings!

Radical Storage can provide you with some luggage storage for any of your items, even larger ones such as handbags, strollers, bike boxes, and much more!

How much does it cost to book some luggage storage in Frankfurt with Radical Storage?

Radical Storage shows itself as a convenient luggage storage company since it will provide you not only with such a great network of luggage storage but also with many different advantages that you can use while storing your luggage with its service. In fact, storing your luggage with Radical Storage will only cost you a fixed price per day per piece of luggage, with an additional security coverage that will provide you with up to 3000 euros, so that you can always be sure about the safety of your bags while you are storing your luggage with you.

Booking some luggage storage In Frankfurt with Radical Storage will give you many different characteristics that you cannot absolutely miss out on, such as a user-friendly website, flexible hours, no waiting periods, and many other values, all of this for a competitive price on the market. Storing your luggage with Radical Storage will offer you a great experience in terms of luggage storage because you will be able to keep all your belongings safe in one spot with the luxury of many advantages.

How to book some luggage storage in Frankfurt with Radical Storage

If you have decided to book some luggage storage in Frankfurt with Radical Storage, you will see immediately how easy and convenient it is, since it will only take you a couple of minutes to do so, and in the blink of an eye, you will be able to store your luggage safely. Firstly, you need to visit the website of the company or download its app Radical, which you can find on both iOS and Android for your convenience. 

After arriving on the main page of their website, you will be able to roam it around and find out about one of the best features that you could find on the website, which is an interactive map that will help you, by searching your current location with GPS and making you a list of all the luggage storage in Frankfurt or in any other city, so that you can choose which one might be more profitable or suitable for you in less than a few minutes and be ready to continue your booking.

Once you have chosen the luggage storage that you want to book and you have selected it, you can simply add the initial information that might be useful for the booking, such as the booking hours or the number of pieces of luggage you would like to store with the service, so that you can finally head out to the check-out page, finish your booking and, as soon as you are done with it, you can reach out your destination and in less than a few minutes you can already use your luggage storage.

Frankfurt luggage storage map

After booking your luggage storage in Frankfurt with Radical Storage, you will be able to see the great selection of luggage storage that you can find thanks to their website, so that you will only be spoiled for choice and you won’t have to worry about your belongings’ safety since there will be someone else taking care of them only for you. Thanks to Radical Storage’s help, you will be able to roam around the streets of the city without any care in the world, but most importantly, without any weight slowing you down.

Check out the number of options that you can find in terms of luggage storage in Frankfurt with Radical Storage and choose the one that might be more convenient for your needs.

Frankfurt Main Localities

Frankfurt Central Station

Frankfurt Central Station is one of the main transportation hubs not only of the city but also of the entire territory, so you will be able to reach any part of Germany from here without any problem. However, there is a small issue that might be arising when it comes to the station: there are not many luggage storage available for you, so you might need to find a solution for where to store your bags and belongings in the meantime.

If you don’t know where you could find a space like that, then you should try Radical Storage luggage storage near Frankfurt Central Station, so that you can store your luggage in a place in the surrounding area and have one thing less to worry about.


Ostend is a vibrant district in Frankfurt, Germany, known for its blend of historic charm and modern development. Home to the European Central Bank‘s striking headquarters, it features lively markets, diverse eateries, and cultural attractions like the East Harbor. Ostend’s riverside location enhances its scenic and dynamic appeal, but in order to fully enjoy it as much as you would want to, you should find a place where to store all your luggage.
You shouldn’t worry anymore about it, because Radical Storage offers a great selection of luggage storage in Ostend, Frankfurt so that you can always find, no matter where you are, some comfortable luggage storage for you.