Luggage storage NYC: which one should you choose?

luggage storage nyc guide

Going to visit New York with your family or friends and need a place to store your luggage? Let’s take a look at some of the best and most affordable NYC luggage storage facilities. This article will show you different ways you can store your belongings for a meager price.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Luggage storage NYC map

Places to store luggage near NYC main stations

  • Luggage Storage NYC Penn Station (0,3 miles from Penn Station)
  • Luggage Storage Port Authority (0,2 miles from the Bus Terminal)
  • Luggage storage Grand Central (0,2 miles from Grand Central Terminal) 

Places to store luggage near New York main attractions

Where can I store luggage after checking out of a hotel hours before a flight?

Heading to the Big Apple for a vacation or business trip? One of the many things people enjoy when traveling to New York is taking in its great range of sights. New York City is chock full of exciting things to see and do, from the east coast’s biggest and grandest museums, bars and clubs, parks where you can enjoy a picnic, and of course, an endless number of top-class restaurants. But, as obvious as it sounds, there are a few issues that crop up when visiting this great city.

Let’s say you just checked out your hotel and have several free hours before your flight. You would hate to waste your time waiting beside your heavy suitcases. What if you want to sightsee and don’t know where to leave your bags? 

Or imagine you’re on a long layover in NYC. You’ve planned a Broadway show, dinner with friends, and a hit concert all lined up. Everything is set, except for that one tiny detail that can screw up all your plans.

New York is a complicated city for tourists. Still, it has a wide variety of options when it comes to luggage storage. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term storage, there are many companies offering different services, but only a few can meet all your needs.

Places to store luggage in NYC

New York is a busy city, so finding a place to leave your bags safely is quite challenging. However, you should take the search for a convenient luggage storage facility seriously as it may impact your stay in New York City and overall travel experience.  

If you type “luggage storage near me,” it will bring up thousands of results. Amidst all this, the thought of having to spend hours online looking for a place that will store your bags will run through your head, making you mentally exhausted.

Before we examine some of the more popular ways to store your bags in New York City, think about a few things you’ll need to consider. For some people, it’s essential to find a safe and easy to access place. For others, it’s a matter of money. Either way, we’re here to help you find your ideal place, so you don’t have to spend hours worrying about your luggage once you get to Manhattan.

What are the rates for luggage storage at Newark (Liberty, NY) Airport and JFK?

To start, you need to check out what options you have when you arrive at JFK or Newark airport. 

Due to security reasons, JFK Airport has limited luggage storage options offering the service on a daily basis for some visitors if they have a long layover. Prices are up to $16 per day, depending on the size of your bag.

Is there luggage storage at Penn station NYC?

If you travel by train, you may plan to leave your bags at Penn Station. However, there aren’t any storage lockers. Amtrak provides the only luggage storage service, but the rates for non-Amtrak passengers are pretty high ($20 per bag).

Port Authority

The same sad story is for those who travel by bus. For security reasons, you won’t find any luggage storage offices or lockers at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. 

Anyway, Greyhound passengers can leave luggage for an extra fee (starting from $8) at the ticket office for up to 24 hours.

However, if none of these options meets your needs, there are some alternatives that vary from online luggage storage providers to even mobile luggage storage services!

Most affordable NYC luggage storage – Radical Storage

Every traveler knows that the best way to explore a city is on foot. New York City is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. With so many people, you can imagine how important it would be to find a luggage storage facility in every corner of the city.

However, you might end up paying high prices to avoid walking around with a bulky backpack on your shoulders! But what if we told you that there are some very affordable luggage storage places available?

If you want to save money and store your suitcase in a safe place in NYC, try Radical Storage or other online luggage storage providers. 

Radical Storage is the first company that offered a revolutionary kind of service. It’s developed a system that allows you to store your bags in local businesses for a reasonable price. Radical Storage includes all types of partner facilities, such as shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Whether you need a place to store ski gear, surfboards, or large bags, Radical Storage offers a fixed competitive rate ($6 per bag/day).

How much does it cost to store bags in NYC?

We’ve checked out online several luggage storage competitors, and this is what we found out: 

  Radical Storage Luggage Hero CBH Luggage Storage Store Me
Number of locations per city 60+ 60+ 1 40
Daily rate $6 per bag $8 per bag about $10 per bag $7,50 per bag
Extra charge for an oversized bag No No Yes Yes
Handling Fee No Yes No No

Is Radical Storage a safe service?

We also want to answer a question that often arises when new users start their first experience: is Radical Storage really safe? Of course, it is!

The main goal of Radical Storage is to offer users 100% secure and reliable luggage storage service. It has been used and appreciated by thousands of customers worldwide. Each location has its own webpage where you can check user ratings. Also, Radical Storage staff always verifies its partners to guarantee an excellent local experience.

You can definitively trust Radical Storage! 

How to book Radical Storage 

Radical Storage provides a quick, fast and straightforward way to find the best luggage storage locations and set up everything through its smartphone application.

The App provides you with the exact location of the chosen partner storage facility, time of opening, address, and more information about that business. After the online payment, you will receive all the information needed for the check-in and pick up of your bags.

Radical Storage enables travelers to leave their luggage securely and safely in the most convenient way possible!

So, you can discover our top-notch baggage storage facilities in every city, offering safe and convenient solutions. With competitive pricing and central locations, we enable you to travel light and connect seamlessly to your next adventure.

Luggage Storage NYC: visit the living streets of New York and enjoy your American journey hands-free.

More than 250 Luggage Storage Paris: explore the romance of Paris, get lost in its magical neighborhoods.

More than 200 Luggage Storage London: immerse yourself in London’s vibrant culture, and make the most of it, free and weightless.

Things to do in NYC

New York City is the largest city in the country and one of the most famous, there are so many things to do that even an entire week would not be enough to see everything.

From its rich history with one of the world’s most famous museums to its enormous variety of restaurants, it’s hard not to go home from this busy city without having seen it all.

Our list of some of the best things to do in NYC is a great way to start planning your trip.

  • World Trade Center
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Washington Square Park
  • Grand Central Station
  • Midtown Manhattan

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