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All about New York Penn Station luggage storage services

What if you have a few free hours or a day to visit New York City but don’t know where to leave your luggage? Good news for you! There are many different luggage storage services near Penn Station. So, don’t waste your time and keep reading to discover the most affordable left luggage options in New York City.

Why should you get rid of your bags?

If you’ve just checked out of your accommodation and still have a few hours, you’ll definitely need a place to leave your suitcases. Although most hotels have a luggage storage room, some of them may not provide this service. Moreover, most Airbnb accommodations won’t keep your bags.

In case you decide to carry your bulky suitcase with you, keep in mind that due to intensified security concerns, popular points of interest, such as the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, and several museums don’t accept luggage. Usually, only small backpacks or handbags are allowed.

Since not all train stations have a luggage storage office, you may consider leaving your bags at the airport (if you travel by plane). Still, it would be a waste of time and effort as you’d have to spend a day inside the airport.

Is there a luggage storage office at Penn Station?

Penn Station has a luggage storage service, but the it’s available only for Amtrak ticketed passengers. Their office can be hard to find, so you may have to ask an operator for assistance at the station.

It costs $10 per bag and per 24 hours. Although you aren’t an Amtrak passenger, you can still use this storage point if space is still available. But the price will be much higher for external clients: $20 per item/ day.

As you can see, this option might be useful if you travel via Amtrak. However, there are many other affordable luggage storage options nearby.

Radical Storage: best luggage storage near Penn Station

Recently, a new way of storing luggage has arisen and conquered many travelers. Companies such as Radical Storage find conveniently located shops, restaurants, or hotels where you can leave your bags.

Radical Storage creates trustworthy partnerships with local businesses all around the world. In New York City, you’ll find more than 60 reliable storage locations.

All you need to do is download the Radical Storage App or book a storage point directly on the website. It’s fast, straightforward, and with secure online payment.

New York Penn Station map

penn station map: luggage storage
Here are some left luggage facilities close to Penn Station:

  • Luggage storage Madison Square Garden (open 24/7)
  • Luggage Storage Penn Station
  • Luggage Storage Pennsylvania Station

Luggage Storage Penn Station – Other options

An additional storage option is mobile luggage storage run by MyBagCheck. This means you can arrange a car to pick up your bags, store it, and then deliver it where you prefer (for example to Penn Station or to the airport).

The service is available 24/7, but the rates might be quite high (starting from $30 in the Manhattan area).

In Alternative, you can reach the Schwartz Travel luggage storage office and drop off your bags without reservation. Currently, it has only one location (not far from Penn Station). Rates depend on the size of the bag (starting from $5 for a small handbag).

Thing to do near Penn Station

new york city
Pennsylvania Station (also called Penn Station) is New York City central station. It’s located in Midtown Manhattan between 7th and 8th Avenue and is close to the Madison Square Garden. It’s considered the busiest train station in North America due to several railway connections and the people who pass through it every day.

Being in the heart of the Big Apple, it’s close to the best city sights. For example, the iconic Empire State Building is just 0,4 miles away. Also, the Madame Tussaud Museum is a few blocks away.

Penn Station subway stop

The 34th Street–Penn Station subway stop runs on the IND Eighth Avenue Line and is served by the A and E trains at all times, and by the C train except at late night. It’s located right next to the train station.

Drop off your bags in a luggage storage facility near Penn Station and enjoy the most famous landmarks hand-free!