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Is there a luggage storage place near Union Square Station?

Walking across the city with a bulky suitcase could be a real nightmare. That’s why you should drop off your bags at luggage storage near Union Square Station and enjoy one of the most lively squares in New York.

Here you’ll find a list of the most reliable storage facilities.

Left luggage service available near Union Square

Finding a safe place for your items is quite easy as there are many luggage storage options available close to Union Square Station.

Below you can find out everything you need to know to free yourself from your bags and save money.

As you know, the most famous left luggage facilities are traditional offices or self-service lockers. Lockers are no longer available in any station, so you’ll have to choose among conventional services and innovative storage options.

How does modern luggage storage services work?

Even if you don’t know it, you might find yourself in one of these left luggage facilities. It could be a restaurant, a hotel, or even a rental bike. These local stores offer their free spaces for traveler’s luggage.

Companies such as Radical Storage create partnerships worldwide and provide an online luggage storage platform where you can find the closest storage point and book it.

Online payment is compulsory. However, it saves you time at check-in.

Radical Storage offers the most affordable rate ($6 per bag for 24 hours). Furthermore, this rate includes a guarantee for each piece of luggage.

You can find several luggage storage locations near famous landmarks and stations in NYC, including Union Square.

Union Square map

Take a look at the nearby luggage storage locations.


The closest one is the luggage storage facility near Gramercy Park. It’s located 0,3 miles from 14th Street-Union Square subway station.

Another one is a few steps away from the famous Madison Square Park and a few blocks from Union Square Park.

How much does it cost to store luggage at Union Square?

Pricing is an essential concern for everyone. Usually, storage companies apply an hourly or a daily rate. Some of them offer an hourly rate of about $1 up to $2,50 per bag. But, there could also be an extra handling fee. So, if you need to store a suitcase for more than half a day, it’s better to opt for a daily rate.

Below you’ll find a pricing table of the most famous luggage storage companies in NYC.



Radical Storage

Luggage Hero

Schwartz Travel

Number of locations per city





$6 per day/bag

$8 per day/bag or

$1 per hour/bag + $2 fee per bag

$10 per bag/day or

$2,50 per hour/bag

Extra charge for an oversized bag




Handling Fee




Union Square Park, New York

The crowded Union Square Park is located around the famous pedestrian square that extends from 14th Street to 17th Street and from Union Square East to University Place.

The name Union Square comes from being an important intersection back in the past, between Broadway and today’s 4th Avenue.

The large square and the park in the middle of it are popular meeting points for New Yorkers. Nearby, there are skyscrapers and shops, as well as restaurants and cafes.

The closest subway station is 4th Street-Union Square, connected to lines 4, 5, L, Q, R. It’s the easiest way to reach for example Grand Central Station or Port Authority Bus Station.

NYC Union Square Greenmarket

union square greenmarket
Union Square Greenmarket is a popular and bustling market of local farmers’ products and homemade food. It’s open throughout the year every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

Famous chefs also shop at the Greenmarket, so don’t miss it!