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Brooklyn is connected to Manhattan through the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Every day, thousands of visitors cross the wooden walkway over the car lanes on foot or bicycle.

Anyway, walking with a heavy backpack on this suspension bridge over the East River could be a real nightmare. So, we suggest you leave your luggage somewhere.

Storing luggage in Brooklyn is quite easy. Here, in fact, you will find plenty of facilities to store your luggage and enjoy the stunning view from the Brooklyn Bridge hands-free.

How to choose the best luggage storage service in Brooklyn?

Since Brooklyn is an exciting neighborhood, it would be a pity to explore it with the burden of your baggage. That’s why you need to find safe and comfortable storage in Brooklyn.

When it comes to choosing the right facility, things get complicated. There’s a lot to be taken into account, for example, prices, locations, and levels of safety.

Besides, you need to decide whether to use a traditional self-service locker or an innovative luggage storage service located inside local restaurants, offices, or hotels.

Obviously, since the USA is not that cheap, you’ll have to find an affordable solution. Here you will find many tips to save money.

If you need to store your bags just for a few hours, it’s better to choose a company that applies hourly rates. But, some companies charge an extra fee, so sometimes, it’s more convenient to go for a daily rate.

Undoubtedly, the most relevant detail is safety, so make sure that the luggage storage service you chose provides a safety guarantee.

Book luggage storage with Radical

While searching online for baggage storage service, you’ll certainly bump into Radical Storage: a network that offers luggage storage places all over the city.

With Radical, your bags will always be safe inside one of our storage points, and a guarantee covers each piece of luggage. Plus, unlike traditional lockers, there’s always an operator to look after your belongings.

Radical is more than a simple storage service. Thanks to an extensive partnership with local businesses, you’ll be able to live an authentic on-site experience.

And why not, you might end up in a cozy hotel or a lively cafe and meet some new friends!

What about the price? We offer a very affordable daily rate. You can get rid of your suitcase for $6 a day.

Here is the closest luggage storage facility available to the Brooklyn Bridge:

Store luggage in NYC has never been easier!

So, you can discover top-notch luggage storage facilities in every city, offering safe and convenient solutions. With competitive pricing and central locations, Radical enables you to travel light and connect seamlessly to your next adventure.

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Check out the luggage storage Brooklyn Bridge map


Luggage storage Brooklyn Bridge: how much does it cost?

Pricing is always an important matter. Before booking a service, you have to assess whether to go for an hourly or a daily rate. Some of the storage services apply an hourly rate of around $1 up to $2,50 per bag. But, usually, there’s also an extra handling fee.

Let’s take as an example the Luggage Hero company. It costs $1 per hour plus an additional $2 handling fee. So, when it comes to short-term storage, it’s a good option. However, if you need to store a bag for more than half a day, it’s better to opt for a daily rate of $8 per item.

Keep in mind that some companies apply extra costs depending on the size of the bag or on holidays.

As we said before, Radical Storage applies an affordable $6 daily rate, and you can leave a bag of any size or weight. No matter what, the price will always remain the same.
Now that you know everything about luggage storage, Brooklyn Bridge services make your choice and enjoy!

Brooklyn Bridge facts

brooklyn bridge neyw york city
Brooklyn Bridge is the first bridge built entirely of steel and has been the world’s largest suspension bridge for a long time. It was designed by German engineer John Augustus Roebling in a year and completed in 1883.

More than 600 people were hired for the construction of the bridge that lasted 14 years!

Unfortunately, at least 20 of them died or were affected by serious illnesses during operations. Even J. A. Roebling lost his life while building his architectural masterpiece. While his son, in charge after his father’s death, was struck down by caisson disease that paralyzed him. Luckily, his wife assisted him and contributed to finish the bridge.

Despite all the tragedies during its construction, the Brooklyn Bridge became one of the major attractions in New York City and is also listed as National Historic Landmark.

Best places to see in Brooklyn: Coney Island, The Botanic Garden,  Prospect Park, and the Barclays Center.

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