How to find luggage storage facilities near Times Square?


Everybody dreams of visiting New York at least once in a lifetime because it’s one of the most iconic cities in the world. Once you’ve finally landed in the city, you should get rid of every hassle and reach the first attraction that should definitely be Times Square. To free yourself from heavy luggage, here you’ll find many different baggage storage services. Booking luggage storage service near Times Square is as easy as one-two-three!

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Check the luggage storage Times Square map

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Places to store luggage near Times Square

Times Square is the most visited landmark in NYC. Millions of people pass through it every day, making it the “crossroad of the world”.

It’s not easy to walk down the crowded streets dragging a heavy suitcase, but you can quickly find luggage storage solutions on Broadway.

Otherwise, if you decide to move from Times Square to Hell’s Kitchen or Grand Central Terminal, you will also find many options to store your bags.

When you start looking for luggage storage spots near Times Square, you may find several choices: from storage lockers to modern companies that rely on a local network of restaurants, cafes, shops, and offices.

Ordinary self-service lockers charge an hourly rate and have an integrated video surveillance system. The disadvantage is that there are no real people to assist customers, and the cameras are often out of order.

Differently, some revolutionary services, such as Radical Storage, formed a partnership with verified local businesses that will take good care of your luggage.

Radical applies a fixed daily rate that will allow you to secure your suitcase and stay relaxed for the whole day.

Here are the best luggage storage places near Times Square:

Luggage storage Times Square: pricing table

Radical StorageLuggage HeroSchwartz Travel
$6/day per bag$8/day per bag$10/day per bag

Here are details of some luggage storage facilities in Times Square

When many different companies on the market offer the same service, it is not easy to choose the best one. Don’t worry, we have made for you a straightforward guide that compares some of them so that you can figure out which one meets your needs.

Let’s start with Radical Storage, the world’s largest luggage storage network.

We have over 60 storage points located within local businesses throughout the Big Apple. Widespread presence is an essential element to consider when you need to find a luggage storage place quickly.

Our service is reasonably priced: for just $6 per bag per day, you’ll free yourself from a heavy suitcase for the whole day.

Whether you have a small or bulky bag, the rate remains the same, and there are absolutely no extra charges.

Furthermore, some of our partners are open 24/7. Find out all the luggage storage facilities in New York City open 24 hours a day:

Luggage Hero is another company that allows you to store bags at shops, hotels, or restaurants. Contrary to Radical Storage, it applies an hourly rate of $1 per hour, and there’s also an additional $2 handling fee per bag. As you might imagine, this is an affordable option for a short period. However, if you are late or need some extra hours, it’s better to choose its daily rate ($8 per bag).

Schwarz Travel is another luggage storage service, but it has only 2 locations in New York City. No online reservation is required. You can walk in and drop off your bags at an hourly rate of $2,50 per item. Schwarz Travel’s daily price varies according to the size of the bag (approximately $10).

If you have any questions about left luggage near Times Square, feel free to contact our customer service.

Things to do in Times Square

times square nyc

Times Square is located in the famous neighborhood of Midtown Manhattan, between Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

It’s named after the New York Times moved its headquarters there and is crossed by Fifth Avenue, one of the most popular and expensive shopping roads in the world.

Nearby you can find popular landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the MoMa (Museum of Modern Arts).

There are plenty of restaurants, fancy stores, and street performers interacting with passers-by under the flashing lights of giant billboards on the bustling streets in Midtown West. People meet on the red staircase in Times Square to take selfies or buy tickets for Broadway shows performed in the Theatre District.

As shown, you’ll never get bored in the Times Square area (simply reachable by subway and bus). Moreover, Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal are just a few miles away.

You can find Radical Storage on your US trip, but also all around the world. Choose the best luggage storage facilities around:

  • Gare du Nord in Paris. Get to Paris and be enchanted by the magic of the city from the first moment.
  • King’s Cross in London. In the nerve center of the British capital, leaving your luggage at King’s Cross could make it easier for you to find your way to all the must-see destinations in London.
  • Central Station in Sydney. Close to the central CBD district, you can leave your luggage and enjoy every corner of Sydney.
  • Tokyo Station. Set your hands and eyes free to enjoy every glimpse of Japan’s technological and innovative capital.

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