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luggage storage heathrow airport

If you’re traveling through Heathrow Airport, make sure you don’t have to carry heavy suitcases for hours because it can be really stressful. Here you can find different luggage storage options near Heathrow Airport.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Where to store luggage at Heathrow Airport

Suppose you’ve just checked out from your accommodation and have to wait for your overnight flight. You’ll probably want to enjoy some sightseeing in your free time, but your heavy bags make that impossible.

Or maybe you have a long layover in London and don’t want to waste your time sitting beside your suitcase. Of course, you may want to leave the airport and go to explore London.

So, where should you store your luggage?

The choice is twofold:

  • Left luggage offices located in all airport terminals.
  • Smart luggage storage facilities located in local businesses all over London.

After a thorough examination of prices, safety, availability, and quality of customer service, smart storage facilities (provided by Radical Storage) rank as the best luggage storage service.

All Radical Storage spots are strategically located close to main stations, where you can find fast and easy public transports to Heathrow airport. Moreover, it has an affordable daily fee: £5 per bag with no size or weight limits.

Below you’ll discover more details about all luggage storage Heathrow airport services.

Radical Storage – the leading Heathrow Airport luggage storage option

Radical Storage offers an extensive network of left luggage facilities in London (more than 100 locations) and all over the world.

Trustworthy partnerships with local companies make this service significantly more efficient than traditional luggage storage offices. To store your bags, you can find yourself in a shop, a bike rental, or hotel that will allow you to leave any kind of luggage (bulky suitcases, sports gears, strollers, etc.).

Also, all Radical partners (called Angels) are verified and qualified to handle your luggage safely.

All you need to do to get rid of any burdens is to book online your favorite location through the website or app and find out where to drop off your bags. Furthermore, the easy QR code system makes checking in and picking up your luggage fast. This way, you won’t have to queue and risk missing your flight.

Among different Radical Storage locations available, we recommend leaving your bags at luggage storage Paddington station, where Heathrow Express services run every 15 minutes. It’s very comfortable on your way from and to the airport. Also, you can easily reach all the best tourist attractions.

Luggage storage Heathrow Airport facilities

Excess Baggage company manages all left luggage offices at Heathrow Airport. It can be used on a daily or hourly basis.

This on-site service allows you to store your bags inside the airport and not have to look for a luggage storage place outside, but due to its high rates and long queues, it could get expensive and annoying.

Here are Excess Baggage rates (rate per bag):

  • 3 hours – £7.50
  • 24 hours – £12.50
  • 48 hours – £20.00
  • 72 hours – £27.50
  • After 72 hours – £7.50 per day/item

Please note, if you lose your pick-up ticket, you’ll have to pay an extra £15.

Current opening hours and locations:

  • Luggage storage offices are open every day from 6 am to 6 pm at Terminal 2 (arrivals – main hall) and Terminal 5 (arrivals – main hall)

Can I leave Heathrow airport during a layover?

You can leave the airport if you have enough free time between the two flights and the necessary documentation to enter the UK (passport, visa, etc.).

Beware that to visit the city you need at least six hours. Getting to Paddington station from the airport takes 20 minutes, plus more time to switch the subway and reach the monuments. It will take you the same amount of time to get back to the airport. Yes, London is a great metropolis!

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