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Want to see what the legendary Globe Theater was like? Get rid of your bulky bags first! This post provides all the luggage storage options near Shakespeare’s Globe.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Where can you store bags in London?

Suppose your hotel or private holiday apartment doesn’t offer the opportunity to store bags before check-in or after check-out. What are you going to do with all your bulky stuff? It would be a pity to waste your free time in London.

If you decide to carry your suitcase around the city, it won’t be easy. London is a highly crowded and lively city. Also, most landmarks and main attractions, such as Shakespeare’s Globe, don’t allow bulky bags inside.

The capital’s most famous museums, theatres, and galleries offer cloakrooms for storing coats and small bags. Some of them also have coin-operated lockers, but they aren’t suitable for large items and suitcases.

However, Shakespeare’s Globe cloakroom is currently closed. So, you’ll have to store oversized luggage offsite if you want to visit the theatre or attend an event. You can still take handbags but not larger than 40cm x 35cm x 19cm.

In order to avoid any kind of hassle, we recommend that you leave your luggage at one of the Radical Storage facilities located close to Shakespeare’s Globe.

Best luggage storage provider near Shakespeare’s Globe

Did you know that you can finally leave your bags for a while in a cafe, restaurant, or store near you? Yes, it’s possible! There are hundreds of local businesses in London, offering a safe space for luggage.

Radical Storage provides an online platform and app where you can find and book a facility. It cooperates with reliable partners and is considered the most widespread luggage storage network in London and all over the world. Its partners (called Angels) could be hotels, bike rentals, offices, restaurants, laundries, and so on.

By paying a fixed daily rate, you can store your stuff in a safe and supervised place. Don’t worry about your cumbersome bags, Radical Storage accepts bulky items, strollers, bicycles, and other large luggage.

Other companies, such as BagsAway or Stasher, provide a similar service. Besides the daily price, some of them also charge an hourly rate.

Check the luggage storage Shakespeare’s Globe pricing table below and make your choice.

 Radical StorageStasherBagsAwayLuggage
Hourly rateNoNo$1,50£1
Extra feeNoNo$2£2
Daily rate£5£6$7,95£8

Luggage storage Shakespeare’s Globe map

Shakespeare's globe map luggage storage

Here are the closest left luggage facilities to Shakspeare’s Globe:

Shakespeare’s globe theatre facts

Shakespeare’s Globe is a reproduction of the Globe Theatre, an Elizabethan theater in which William Shakespeare’s plays were performed.

Located in Southwark’s neighborhood, on the south bank of the Thames, it’s considered one of the most iconic theatres in London.

Here are some interesting facts you may not know:

  • The first Globe Theatre was built between 1597 and 1599 and then burned down in 1613 during the performance of Henry VIII.
  • Due to a fire on the Globe’s thatched roof (caused by a cannonball fired during a show), the entire theater and the sets were destroyed.
  • The second theatre, with a tiled roof, was rebuilt in the same place in 1614. However, in 1642 it was closed and then demolished.
  • It could hold up to 3200 people.
  • People paid 1 penny (their value in the Elizabethan era) for a standing room (in the center of the theater and near the stage) and 2 pennies for a seat in one of the 3 circular halls.
  • The current Shakespeare’s Globe holds 1500 people.
  • A German play was the first to be performed at the reconstructed Globe (in 1993) while the theatre was still under construction.

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