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Can you store luggage at the Natural History Museum?

London’s Natural History Museum has one of the world’s most important natural history collections. It attracts more than four million visitors every year and is considered one of the city’s must-see attractions.

If you’re wondering what you can take inside and where you can store your luggage, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

As stated on the official website, you cannot bring your luggage into the museum. If you need to bring some personal items, the staff will provide you with a clear carrier bag to put your stuff inside.

At the entrance on Cromwell Road, there is where you can leave bags, suitcases, pushchairs or scooters.

The cloakroom’s rates depend on the weight of the luggage (charged per item):

  • Bags (less than 4kg) – £3
  • Bags (more than 4kg) – £7
  • Scooters – £2
  • Pushchairs – £3

Keep in mind that space is subject to availability and that there are also long queues at both drop-off and pick-up.

If you want to avoid bad surprises that will ruin your day, we advise leaving your luggage outside the museum.

Below you’ll discover the most comfortable luggage storage facility near the Natural History Museum.

Best storage place near the Natural History Museum

If the museum’s luggage storage office hasn’t convinced you, you don’t have to worry. Here we’ll outline a revolutionary new way to store luggage in London.

In recent years, many innovative luggage storage facilities have appeared.

Companies such as Radical Storage set up trustworthy partnerships with local businesses to develop an extensive network of luggage storage facilities all over the world.

You might find yourself in a restaurant, a hotel, or even a laundry. All Radical Storage facilities are safe and verified.

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Luggage Storage Natural History Museum map

natural history museum map
South Kensington Station luggage storage is the closest facility to the Natural History Museum (300 meters away).

Luggage storage Natural History Museum pricing table

Radical Storage is ranked among the top luggage storage services especially for its affordable price (£5 per bag/day).

There are several other similar luggage storage companies in London.
Here is a comparison pricing table for the most popular services.

 Radical StorageStasherBagsAwayLuggage
Hourly rateNoNo$1,50£1
Extra feeNoNo$2£2
Daily rate£5£6$7,95£8

Useful tips for visiting the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum was founded in 1754 and moved to its current location in 1881. It’s home to more than 70 million specimens and several more are added each year.

The museum is split into four different colored zones, each focusing on a specific theme.

The entrance is free for anyone unless there are special temporary exhibitions. Please note that there are usually long queues, so we advise you to avoid the main entrance and use the side one.

The nearest subway station is South Kensington (on the District, Piccadilly and Circle lines). It’s about a five minutes walk from the Museum’s Exhibition Road entrance.

If you’re going to enter from Cromwell Road, the closest station is Gloucester Road (about 7 minutes from the museum).

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