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Visiting London is always a delightful experience. However, you may need a luggage storage service, especially in Piccadilly Circus, one of the busiest places in the city. It’s both a crucial junction and a famous tourist attraction brightened up with neon signs.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Don’t let your bulky suitcase mess up your day! Keep reading this post to find out where you can leave your luggage.

What kind of left luggage services can you find at Piccadilly Circus?

London city offers many fascinating sights for its visitors as well as many left luggage facilities.

You’re probably used to thinking about luggage storage places as traditional offices. However, in recent years with higher tourist numbers, some innovative services have emerged. They work side by side with local businesses.

Presumably, you’ve already been to one of these storage facilities before without even being aware of it. It could be a cozy cafe, a luxury boutique, or even a laundry room with secure luggage space.

What are the most reliable luggage storage Piccadilly Circus services?

Of all the companies available, choosing the right one becomes complicated. Before venturing out, you need to take into account some features (and the price is one of them!). You must not forget, moreover, that two other important elements are a high level of security and a widespread presence in the city.

To make it easier for you to choose, we have created this comparison table (with rates, locations, and extra fees) for the most popular companies in London.

 Radical StorageNannyBagLuggage HeroStasher
Number of locations per city100+60+70+90+
Daily rate£5 per bag£6 per bag£8 per bag£6 per bag
Handling FeeNoNoYesNo

What’s the best luggage storage company in London?

If you want to make sure you always find a luggage storage solution in London close to major landmarks, such as Piccadilly Circus, Radical Storage is the right choice.

Do you know how many Radical storage points there are in London? Radical Storage collaborates with over 100 local businesses (including several luggage storage Piccadilly Circus facilities) located in every corner of the city. That’s why most visitors rely on our service.

Unlike traditional services with overpriced rates or lockers with high hourly and daily rates, Radical Storage offers a very competitive daily price. If you want to store a suitcase, a pushchair, or some musical cases for one day, it’ll cost $6 per item. No extra fee will be charged, and there’s absolutely no weight or size limit on the bag.

Moreover, using the service is straightforward. Imagine having to find a storage place near you. In this case, all you have to do is turn on geolocation on your device and view all the storage locations available on our website or through the app. In addition, the smart booking process will save you time at check-in. In just 3 minutes you will be free from any burdens!

Check the luggage storage Piccadilly Circus map to find nearby locations.

luggage storage piccadilly circus map

Piccadilly Circus station

Piccadilly Circus is one of the most famous and busiest squares in London. Located in Westminster, it’s considered to be the heart and the meeting hub of the British capital.

Piccadilly is a cycle-shaped square created to connect some of the most prestigious streets, including the famous Regent Street and the crowded Piccadilly Road.

Under the square, there’s the Piccadilly Circus subway station running along the Bakerloo Line and Piccadilly Line. You can find access to the station on every corner of the square.

Piccadilly Circus at night

piccadilly circus night london

Also called London’s Times Square, Piccadilly Circus is a perfect spot for an evening in London. You’ll find shops and restaurants everywhere, big screens, neon lights and people from all around the world. For the best shopping experience, we recommend you go to Regent Street.

You can also drop by the Theatre District or attend some of the best shows on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Finally, don’t forget to take a picture of a famous Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, popularly known as the Eros Statue of Piccadilly Circus.

Actually, the famous statue doesn’t depict Eros but his twin Anteros. However, it’s still recognized as an icon and one of the most visited landmarks in London.

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