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Luggage storage London Bridge: amazing services for your holiday

If you have time to spare before checking in at your hotel, a luggage storage facility at London Bridge can be very useful to lighten your load.

Where to store luggage in London

Suppose your Londons’ accommodation is a private holiday apartment where there is no luggage storage service. Some hotels also don’t offer the opportunity to store bags before check-in or after check-out.

If you decide to lug your suitcase around while waiting for your train or flight, be aware that it is no picnic. London, in fact, is a very crowded and vibrant city.

Furthermore, most of the landmarks and main attractions don’t allow large luggage inside.

The capital’s most famous museums and galleries have cloakrooms that could come in handy for storing coats. Some of them also provide coin-operated lockers, but they aren’t suitable for bulky bags and suitcases. However, you can leave your hand-bags there and spend your time more pleasantly.

In order to avoid any kind of hassle, we suggest dropping all your luggage at one of the luggage storage facilities described in this post.

Luggage Storage London Bridge Station

There used to be luggage lockers at London Bridge station, but you won’t find them in any of the main stations or the London Underground anymore.

Currently, you’ll find a luggage storage office operated by Excess Baggage Company outside London Bridge station at the upper concourse entrance.

This company provides a traditional left luggage service with no need to book in advance and no need to pay online. You can just go there (hoping to find available space) and pay at pick-up (they accept both cash and all major credit cards).

You can leave your bags for a few hours or days. Here you find the rates: up to 3 hours/£6 per item, 3-24 hours/£12.50, after 24 hours/£7.50.

Be aware that at check-in, you’ll receive a ticket required at pick up. If you lose it, you’ll have to pay a £15 administration fee.

Also, consider long queues in high seasons.

Best luggage storage London Bridge provider

Have you ever thought about leaving your bags in a cafe, restaurant, or store? Finally, it’s possible! You can find several left luggage services with safe storage rooms at local businesses.

Radical Storage is the most widespread luggage storage network in London and all around the world. Its partners could be bike rentals, offices, restaurants, laundries, or hotels.

By paying a fixed daily rate, you’ll be able to store your stuff in a secure and supervised place. Contrary to luggage lockers, Radical Storage’s partners accept bulky suitcases, strollers, bicycles, and other large items.

Furthermore, you don’t have to queue and can find many locations open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are also other companies, such as LuggageHero or Stasher, providing a similar service, but their price is a bit higher.

Below you’ll find a comparison pricing table.

Luggage storage London Bridge prices

Check the luggage storage London Bridge rates and choose the company that suits you best.

Radical Storage Excess Baggage Luggage Hero Stasher
Number of locations per city 100+ (Book online) 15+ 70+ 90+
Daily rate £5 per bag £12,50 per bag £8 per bag £6 per bag
Handling Fee No No Yes No

How to store your bags with Radical Storage

As you might have noticed, Radical Storage offers a more flexible and affordable service compared to other left luggage companies.

Booking and payment are fast and straightforward. Imagine you need to find a last-minute storage place or need to schedule your trip and book your storage space in advance.

All you need to do is to enter the website platform or download the Radical Storage App and choose the most suitable left luggage facility. After the online payment, you will receive the address and contacting details about that partner.

Moreover, the easy QR code system makes it fast to check in and pick up your bags.

This way, you can enjoy your time hands-free and stay relaxed, as each piece of luggage is always covered by a guarantee.

Here are some of the luggage storage locations near London Bridge:

London Bridge station facilities

London Bridge Station is located in the London borough of Southwark. It’s one of the oldest stations in the world (opened in 1836) and one of the most important in London.

Here are some essential details about the London Bridge station:

  • Train operators that serve the station are Thameslink, GTR, and SouthEastern Railway.
  • The station works from Monday to Saturday (4 am – 1 pm) and on Sunday (6 om – 1 pm).
  • London Bridge underground station runs on lines Jubilee and Northern.
  • Shops and food outlets are located throughout the station.

When was London Bridge built?

Among all the bridges on the Thames banks, London Bridge is the oldest one, with a history that started about 2000 years ago during the Roman occupation.

Over the centuries, the bridge has been rebuilt several times. The medieval bridge completed in 1209 (Old London Bridge) was significantly different from the current grey reinforced concrete bridge. At the end of the 18th century, it was over six hundred years old and became tight and unsuitable for the traffic of that time.

Consequently, a new bridge was built 30 meters away from the old one.

However, the following extension works caused a slow and progressive sinking that required the construction of another new bridge.

Finally, the current London Bridge was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973.

London Bridge facts

Here are some fascinating facts about London Bridge:

  • The old London Bridge was removed and sold to the American entrepreneur Robert P. McCulloch, who reassembled it over Lake Havasu City.
  • The lamps on the bridge were made with the cannons used by Napoleon Bonaparte’s army.
    London Bridge featured in several movies.
  • Hundreds of bats live inside the cracks of the bridge.
  • London Bridge is often confused with Tower Bridge.
  • The famous English nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down” refers to the countless reconstructions of the bridge.

What to do near London Bridge

borough market london
The London Bridge neighborhood is one of the most popular in the British capital. It’s full of historical sites, famous landmarks (such as the Ruins of Winchester Palace or the Southwark Cathedral), and many great places for food and drink.

One of the must-see attractions located close to the London Bridge subway station is the well-known Borough Market. It is one of the largest food markets in the world and is considered one of the best quality food markets in the country, offering a wide variety of goods from all over the world.

Also, the walk along the Thames from London Bridge to Tower Bridge is an absolute must. The iconic Tower Bridge is a mobile bridge that connects the boroughs of Southwark and Tower Hamlets. It takes its name from the famous Tower of London located nearby.

Lastly, get on top of The Shard skyscraper (original name of the Tower of London) to experience the best view of the city!

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