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Luggage Storage Victoria Station London – Best options at affordable prices

Waiting for the train with a heavy backpack can be an exhausting experience. That’s the reason why you should find a luggage storage spot near Victoria Station and enjoy the rest of your time hands-free.

Read this post to find affordable left luggage services near Victoria Station and see what to do during a layover in London.

Traditional left luggage office vs online luggage storage facilities

Victoria Station in London offers many different options to drop off your bags. First of all, you should know that in London stations ordinary lockers are closed for security reasons. However, you’ll find Excess Baggage with its traditional luggage storage. It can be used on a daily or hourly basis.

This on-site service allows you to stay inside the station and not look for a bag storage place outside.

However, due to high rates and long queues, this service can become very expensive and annoying. If you want to save time and money, we recommend using the other options described in this post.

Let’s talk about innovative luggage storage facilities that emerged worldwide during the past few years. They offer a new way of storing luggage thanks to partnerships with local companies. This type of service is similar to Airbnb’s but is used to secure luggage.

Among these services, we would recommend Radical Storage. Radical Storage is the largest luggage storage network and one of the most affordable in the world. Over 100 verified and reliable locations are available in London.

All you need to find the nearest storage facility is an internet connection. You can book through the website or our handy App and drop off your bags in a couple of minutes.

Let’s get to the point and discover the main advantages of this revolutionary service.

Left luggage Victoria Station | Best options

Most travelers rely on Radical Storage because of its affordable price, security, and excellent customer service experience.

Below are other advantages:

  • Several locations just outside Victoria Station
  • 2 storage location open 24 hours (3 minutes from the station)
  • A daily rate of £5 per bag
  • No size and weight limitations
  • Each piece of luggage is covered by a guarantee
  • All luggage storage facilities are verified by Radical Storage staff
  • Check-in and check-out procedures are contactless

Check the luggage storage Victoria Station map:

victoria station map: luggage storage

Luggage storage Victoria Station facilities open 24/7:

Apart from our 24 hours luggage storage near Victoria Station, all our storage points have comfortable opening hours and are within walking distance of London’s main attractions and stations. You find us near London Eye, the most popular underground stations, and close to the shuttle stops to Gatwick Airport.

Storing your bags in our left luggage near Victoria Station is easy and requires a few minutes.

Our Victoria Station luggage storage locations have friendly staff ready to take care of your bags for the whole day. They’ll put on your bags security seals, or they’ll place them in a supervised area.

Luggage Storage at Victoria Coach Station

Victoria Coach Station is the largest coach station in London, located right next to the train station in Westminster. It provides connections to all major towns and cities in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Europe.

Currently, there aren’t any luggage storage offices inside the building. However, you can find several Radical Storage locations a few minutes from Victoria Coach Station. Some of them are open 24/7, so you can organize your free time in the best way.

Things to do in Victoria, London

victoria station london

The Victoria district is considered the heart of London and boasts all sorts of attractions. Nearby are several iconic landmarks in the UK, such as Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey.

Victoria is always overcrowded because it’s a highly developed transport hub. There are local train and tube lines, a coach and city bus stations, and the Gatwick Express service.

If you have a few hours free before leaving, the best place for a shopping spree and food therapy is the Cardinal Place shopping center, much loved by citizens and tourists. Here you’ll find elegant boutiques, shops, bars, and restaurants.
As you can see, the Victoria area is so rich that you’ll just have to choose the activity that suits you best.

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By Viktoriya Pach