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If you’re going to visit the Camden market, the first thing you should do is to get rid of your heavy bags. This post provides several luggage storage facilities near Camden Town.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Self-service lockers vs smart luggage storage locations

You can find different kinds of storage services in London. Probably, the most popular are traditional lockers that provide safe rooms for your bags.

Short-term lockers usually apply hourly rates and allow you to store bags for a few hours or days. There are also long-term self-storage facilities offering weekly rates.

However, before booking a locker, you should know that there are some disadvantages. Most short-term locker services have rather small lockers that cannot contain bulky suitcases. This could become a problem as most tourists travel with huge bags

Furthermore, if you have any problems, there’s no one to assist you directly. You’ll have to contact customer service by phone or email.

On the other hand, long-term storage places are convenient only for those who need to store items for at least a week or more.

Besides self-service lockers, you can now use modern storage places located inside several local shops, restaurants, or hotels.

These facilities allow you to store bags for a few hours, several days, or weeks and usually apply an affordable daily rate.

Since the space inside these storage places is much larger, bulky suitcases or other types of cases (e.g., bike or instrumental cases) aren’t a problem.

Furthermore, there are on-site operators ready to assist you and take care of your luggage.

All the luggage storage Camden Town options

Suppose you need to store your items for a few days or longer. In that case, renting a locker in a storage facility might be a good option.

Safestore company provides several long-term storage facilities all over London, including Camden Town.

You can choose lockers of different sizes (starting from 10 sq ft/ 0.90 sq m). They can also store more cumbersome items, like bikes or large cases.

However, they charge per week, so if you need to store bags just for a couple of days or hours, it’s definitely not a good option.

The most convenient luggage storage service near Camden Town is run by the Radical Storage company.

Radical is more than a simple left luggage facility. It lets you store your bags in more than 300 cities. Radical has partners all over the world, so you’ll be able to live a unique on-site experience.

This means you might end up in a cozy cafe or a bike rental and tour the city on two wheels while your bags are in a trustworthy place.

Each piece of luggage left with Radical will be safe and covered by a guarantee.

Luggage storage Camden Town map

luggage storage camden town-map

Luggage Storage Camden Town pricing table

Finally, let’s talk about the price, one of the most relevant details to consider before booking a random service.

To make your choice easier, we’ve created this luggage storage Camden Town pricing table.

Check it out and book your storage space!

 Radical StorageSafestoreLuggage HeroStasher
Number of locations per city100+1970+90+
Rates£5 per bag£11 per week£8 per bag£6 per bag
Handling FeeNoNoYesNo

How to book luggage storage Camden Town facility with Radical Storage?

First of all, you need to find a left luggage location close to Camden Town. You can easily do it through the website or the Radical Storage app. Select the area or enable your geolocation to view all the available storage points.

Once you’ve checked all the necessary details, including opening times, choose the most appropriate one and proceed with the booking and payment. You’ll then receive the location’s address and a QR code to show at check-in. The drop-off will be fast and easy. No queues, no hassle!

Camden Town Underground

Camden Town subway station is located on the Northern line. It’s one of the major junctions on the line and one of the most crowded stations in the entire London tube network.

Keep in mind that this station is very popular with visitors to the Camden Market on weekends.To avoid overcrowding, every Sunday the station becomes just an exit station.

How to go from Euston Station to Camden Town

Suppose you’re going to leave your bags with Radical Storage. In that case, you can drop them off at the luggage storage facility Euston or Euston Square and reach Camden Town by subway (on Northern line, High Barnet direction). It’ll take you just a few minutes.

What to do in Camden Town?

camden market
Camden Town is a famous area, especially for the large market near the Regent’s Canal, which provides different kinds of shops and unusual stores. This neighborhood offers an authentic alternative atmosphere and is very popular among tourists, teenagers and punks. The bars and cafes in the area are always crowded both day and night. Furthermore, nearby you can find the well-known Regent’s Park, which hosts the London Zoo.

Camden Town is marked by a constant flow of people and events and several cultural attractions. Here’s are some of the most visited spots:

  • St. Pancras Old Church: a small church, rebuilt in Victorian times, but really worth a visit for its beauty.
  • British Library: National Library that preserves copies of all books published in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In addition to the British Museum pieces, it also holds collections of medieval manuscripts and other originals, such as the Magna Carta and the Beatles’ songs.
  • The Roundhouse Theatre: an old railway depot reopened as a theater and auditorium. It welcomes top international artists, so keep an eye o its events!
  • London Zoo: the second oldest zoo in the world with more than 755 animals. It was inaugurated in 1828 and its original purpose was to house animals for scientific research.

Camden Town market

Camden Town’s must-see stops definitively include the Camden Market. Coming out of the subway station, you’ll be right on Camden High Street, a hub full of stores and bars. Walking down the street, you’ll feel like you are in Amsterdam. The Regent’s Canal and the atmosphere it creates reminds the Dutch capital.

The entrance to Camden Market is marked with the large sign ‘Camden Lock’. It’s open every day and has both outdoor and indoor stores. Inside, you’ll find absolutely everything: from vintage items to everyday objects, different kinds of clothes, cyberpunk and gothic stuff, burlesque accessories and much more.

It’s the perfect place to make a special gift, find something unique to take home (as a souvenir) or have fun with fancy clothes and accessories.

Furthermore, you’ll be overwhelmed by the delicious smell of food and you’ll find people inviting you to try and order it. Here you can explore the flavors of cuisines from all over the world and taste good food at an affordable price. You absolutely need to taste the warm wine during the winter season and, in summer, fruit and vegetable centrifuges.

However, the real heart of the Camden Market is made up of people of different cultures and different backgrounds: from ordinary people to people who like to dare and flaunt their eccentricity, and of course, visitors from all over the world.

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