Prague Luggage Storage Guide 2024

If there is a city that at least once in a lifetime you should definitely visit, that one should be Prague, an incredible gem inside the Czech Republic that has hosted countless visitors for centuries, because of its amazing beauty and cultural value. After a lot of time, you finally have realized your dreams and you have arrived in this beautiful city, so you feel ready to dive into the exploration of all its most famous and fascinating landmarks, little by little.

However, there is a small problem that might ruin your day here in Prague, which is the late check-in into your preferred accommodation, such as a hotel or a B&B, which means that you will be forced to hang around in the streets with your heavy luggage and bags. This is not the most ideal way to finally start your trip, so you might need to find a way to get rid temporarily of your luggage so that you can enjoy your trip in relaxation.

Luckily, there is a solution that might save your day, so that you can finally start your exploration to Prague in peace. In fact, there are many different options for luggage storage in Prague, which will allow you to store your luggage temporarily in a safe place, while you enjoy your trip.

Where to store my luggage in Prague?

It is not easy to travel across the world and start your adventure in another country, because there are so many different things that you might need to handle and organize beforehand, such as bookings and travel plans. One of the problems that might arise, whenever you are going on a trip to Prague, is that you could be left on the crowded streets of the city center, with all your luggage and you might not be able to fully enjoy your visit from the beginning, simply because of this issue.

Another chance might be that you find yourself in Prague for the first time for work and you have tons of things to do, before your important meeting or your work-related issues, so you might not want to storm by the city center with your heavy luggage, that might be only holding you down. That is the reason why you might be in need of a safe space where you can store for a while your luggage so that you can go back to your business without any worry.

In this case, you might want to know that there is a solution to this problem, since in Prague there are many different luggage storage options that you might take advantage of, for your peace of mind, so that you can be free from your heavy bags and start planning your exciting trip to the discovery of Prague. However, when looking for the right luggage storage for you in Prague, you must be careful, because there are many companies that might be too expensive or might not offer the best options for you. As a consequence, you should be able to find the best option for you, so that you can be safe and secure.

Radical Storage: luggage storage in Prague

Looking for the right luggage storage option for you might not be easy, but luckily for you, we have the perfect solution for you, so that you can be free and secure at the same time with your luggage. In fact, Radical Storage is a luggage storage company that will offer you countless options for luggage storage in Prague, as well as all over the world, all for a convenient price. With the help of Radical Storage, you will be able to store your luggage safely and have fun on the trip of your life.

The secret behind the wonderful service that Radical Storage offers is the incredible partnership that the company has with many local businesses and companies, such as restaurants, cafès, hotels, shops and many others, always verified by the company, that will allow you to finally store your luggage in a safe space, thanks to the help of these incredible and trust-worthy employees so that you can have fun on your own.

The company accepts all kinds of luggage, from huge suitcases to handbags, bike boxes, and even sports gear. You can book in advance online on the website or app.

How much for some luggage storage in Prague by Radical Storage?

Radical Storage is one of the best companies in the market because it offers you an amazing service for a very convenient price, so you don’t have to renounce the quality of the service just because you don’t want to hurt your wallet. In fact, Radical Storage has a fixed price rate of  € 5 per day and per piece of luggage, including security coverage that will give you more than  € 3000 for your luggage.

If you think that this is it, then you are definitely wrong. In fact, Radical Storage offers with this incredible price, also an amazing array of benefits and perks, such as flexible hours, fast check-ins, a user-friendly website, and many more that you could take advantage of simply by choosing this company.

How to store luggage storage in Prague with Radical Storage?

Radical Storage offers many different perks and one of them is definitely an easy and smooth booking process, so that you can spend only a few minutes booking your luggage storage and use it on the go. The first thing that you might need to do while booking some luggage storage with Radical, is look into their website or even download the Radical app, which is available both on iOS and Android.

After searching their website, you will bump into one of the main features on their website, which is an interactive map that will allow you to look for the closest luggage storage to you in a few easy steps. You only need to search your current location or the position that you would like to visit later, such as a specific landmark, and in a moment, on the left side of the screen, you will get the list of storage, from which you can choose your favorite one.

The only thing left to do, after selecting the luggage storage that you would like to book, is to collect some necessary information, such as the number of hours that you would like to book or the number of pieces of luggage that you would like to store, and in a few moments the booking process will be done and you will be able to roam around the city freely.

Prague luggage storage map 

The best solution can come thanks to Radical Storage because this company has a great feature, which is the collaboration with incredible local businesses and companies, like shops, cafès, restaurants, hotels, and many other options. These amazing companies will allow you to finally store your luggage in a very simple, easy, and convenient way, without having to wait around for your check-in and your trip to Prague will not be stopped.

Check out the Prague map with all the luggage storage options in the city for Radical Storage!

Prague: Train Stations and Districts

Praha Hlavní Station

Praha Hlavni Station is the main transportation hub of the city, connecting it not only internally but also externally with other cities in the entire country. It is also known for its stunning beauty, thanks to its incredible architecture that has made it a focal point in the landscape of the city, so you should definitely pay a visit to it, while you’re here in Prague.

If you find yourself at the Praha Hlavni Station and you are looking for a place where to store your luggage, then you might be able to find some Radical Storage luggage storage near Praha Hlavni Station.


Florenc is one of the most lively and amazing neighborhoods of Prague, with its restaurants and cafès crowding the streets. Whenever you want to find something to do for your day here in Prague, you will definitely find it in Florenc. There is also a convenient bus station here, which will provide you with transportation links with the entire country.

Looking for some luggage storage in Florenc must not be easy, but luckily there is a valuable option for you with some Radical Storage luggage storage in Florenc.

Mala Strana

There are different districts in Prague, all with their peculiarities and strong points, but Mala Strana should be definitely your top priority for you, during your stay here in Prague. In Mala Strana, you will be able to get a little peek inside the old town and enjoy the cultural and historical value of the city, in all its splendor. 

It’s easy to find some luggage storage in Mala Strana, thanks to Radical Storage since you can find many different options for luggage storage in Mala Strana.

Prague: Main Attractions