Luggage Storage in Naples Guide 2024

One of the cities in the entire world that you absolutely need to visit, at least once in your life, should be the warm and sunny Naples, so that you can enjoy its beautiful landscapes and even warmer people. However, exploring this wonderful city might be a little tricky, because there are so many different places to visit, scattered all across the city, so you might need to first of all store all of your belongings in one place so that you can be free to explore Naples.

There might be many different situations that might happen, while you’re here in Naples: maybe you have already arrived in the city, but your accommodation still hasn’t opened your check-in, you want to visit a certain place but they don’t allow you to take your bags with you or maybe you are here for a work meeting and you need to leave your luggage somewhere before doing your job. 

In these cases, all you need to do is find some luggage storage in Naples, a secure space where you can leave all your belongings and heavy bags together so that you can be sure that someone is taking care of them so that you can finally spend the time however you want it and enjoy your trip in Naples without the hassle of taking care of your bulky luggage that is slowing you down.

Is there somewhere to leave luggage in Naples?

The first thing you need to do, when you arrive here in Naples, is to walk around the steep streets of the city center and enjoy the fresh and welcoming atmosphere that Naples has just to tell you hello and welcome. But it is not easy to feel the breeze on the Mergellina or discover the magical Spanish Quarters if you have to handle your heavy luggage in the meantime.

It is difficult, in fact, to wander around the steep streets of the city center and bump into all the amazing local population, if you have also to stroll around the city with your heavy suitcases from the airport. Another situation that might happen is that you are struggling to go and attend your work meeting in the city center because you have too much on your hands and don’t know where to go or what to do.

In order to live the smoothest experience ever and have the time and comfort to fully discover, little by little, all the incredible things that Naples has to offer, you need to find the most comfortable and convenient place for you, where to leave your luggage. Only in this way, you will be able to fully understand the importance of your time and efforts and enjoy the trip.

That is what luggage storage is for and luckily, Naples can offer you a great variety of luggage storage options all across the city, allowing you to finally get the rest you deserve. But, whenever you are, you must be careful about choosing the right luggage storage service in Naples for you, one that must not be too expensive or with the right locations for you.

Radical Storage: luggage storage in Naples for you

One of the best solutions in terms of luggage storage in Naples that you can find is definitely Radical Storage, a luggage storage company that offers you a great network of luggage storage options all over the world, also in Naples, so that you can easily store your luggage and heavy bags in a safe place so that you can enjoy your trip, while somebody else takes care of this bargain.

Radical Storage has a great selection of luggage storage thanks to the great collaborative partnerships that they make with local businesses and companies, such as bars, restaurants, cafès, shops, and many others so that you can find some luggage storage near you, maybe close to the main transportation hubs or the attractions of the city. In this way, you can find easily one of them in less than 5 minutes and store your luggage in the blink of an eye.

If you have been wondering about the size or the weight of your luggage, you should not worry about it, because they also accept larger items such as strollers, handbags, bike boxes, and many others.

How much for some luggage storage in Naples with Radical Storage?

One of the most important and significant features of Radical Storage is also their convenient price since you can get to use their service for one of the most competitive prices in the market without any fuss. In fact, you can book some of the luggage storage in Naples by Radical Storage for a price of 5 per day and per piece of luggage, with a security coverage that can go to 3000.

It is convenient to rely on Radical Storage for their service because along with the normal experience, you will also get some incredible advantages, that might appeal to you, such as a user-friendly website, flexible hours, a flat rate price, and many other perks that you should definitely consider, in order to make the perfect choice for your luggage.

How to book some luggage storage in Naples with Radical Storage 

Booking some luggage storage with Radical Storage in Naples, as in any other city that you would like to travel to, is very easy and convenient so that you don’t have to spend time figuring out how the website works and can book your luggage storage in less than 5 minutes. In order to start your booking process, you need to log in to their website Radical Storage, or download the app, which can be found both on iOS and Android.

The next step that you need to do is to check out the interactive map that is available on the website and can help you with finding the closest luggage storage to your destination so that you can find some reliable luggage storage near a transportation hub or one of the city’s attractions. All you need to do is look out for your current location or the destination that you’d like to visit and it is done.

Before heading out to the checkout and finishing your booking, there is one last thing you need to do, which is fill out some needed information such as the number of bags that you would like to store with the company or the number of hours that you would like to book and in a moment you will be able to comfortably book your luggage storage, reach it and store your bags safely.

Naples luggage storage map 

In order to organize yourself and enjoy the trip in the wonderful city of Naples as much as you can, you don’t want to live your days in Naples battling with your luggage, trying to walk normally and get your way. That means that you should find an easy and quick way, close to your destination, where you can leave all your belongings in safe hands, so that your trip can continue flawlessly. Radical Storage can help you with this mission, thanks to its countless luggage storage options, located all over the city of Naples.

Look out for the map on the website of Radical Storage and find which luggage storage might be closest to you, so that you can finally store your luggage and continue your trip without any care in the world.

Naples: main transportation hubs

Naples Centrale Train Station

One of the main transportation hubs of the city is the majestic Naples Centrale Train Station, which connects the city not only to the surrounding area but also to the entire country of Italy. Countless people visit this place every day and take a train from there. That means it is difficult to roam around the area without bumping into someone else, so you need to find a safe place where you can leave all these bulky bags.

In this case, you can count on Radical Storage and its many luggage storage near Naples Centrale Train Station, so that you can leave your bags in safe hands and be relaxed.

Naples Port

Another great masterpiece that you should absolutely visit at least once while being here in Naples, is the astounding and majestic Port of Naples. From here, not only you can clearly see one of the best landscapes on the city, but also take a ship that will make you reach some of the most beautiful parts of the coast. In order to spend some time in the port peacefully, you need to store first your bags temporarily in a safe space.

Luckily, Radical Storage can offer you also some luggage storage near the Naples Port, so that you don’t have to spend your time juggling some heavy and bulky items.

Naples Airport

Once you arrive at the technological Airport of Naples, you will find it comfortable as much as being at your home, thanks to its amenities. However, it is not easy to relax and wait for your own flight if, at the same time, you have to juggle your heavy bags and possessions, so the right decision, in this case, might be to look for a safe space where to leave them just for a bit.

If you have been looking for some of that, you can take advantage of the luggage storage near Naples Airport by Radical Storage, so that you can be free to roam around the airport without any care.

The main attractions in Naples