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Where to find a luggage storage facility in Chicago Magnificent Mile?

If you plan a trip to Chicago, then don’t forget to book a safe place for your luggage while you’ll explore the city. Here you’ll find a list of the best luggage storage facilities in the Chicago Magnificent Mile.

Places to store luggage in Chicago

The Magnificent Mile is one of the most famous shopping areas in Chicago. This iconic street is home to many popular shops, restaurants, attractions, and architecture.

Since the “Mag Mile” is very crowded, shopping while dragging a heavy suitcase down the streets is almost impossible. However, there are several places where to leave your bags for a few hours or days.

Here are the most common storage options in Chicago and their prices:

  • Radical Storage (drop-off spots in local businesses) – $6 per bag/day;
  • Amtrak (at Chicago Union Station) – $10 per bag/day (only for Amtrak passengers), otherwise $20 per bag/day;
  • Greyhound (at Chicago Bus Terminal) – $8 per bag/day (only for Greyhound passengers).

Radical Storage provides a more flexible and affordable storage service rather than traditional storage facilities. Read on to discover how this innovative service works.

Luggage storage Chicago Magnificent Mile: the most affordable location

Radical Storage offers a worldwide network of luggage storage spots. In Chicago alone, there are 17 facilities located in local shops, restaurants, or hotels near famous attractions and relevant stations.

Trustworthy partnerships with private businesses make this service very efficient and easy to use.

All Radical Storage partners (called Angels) are verified and qualified to handle your luggage safely. Moreover, they accept any kind of luggage (bulky suitcases, strollers, etc.).

All you need to do to get rid of your bags is to book your desired location through the website or app. Right after the booking process, you’ll find out where to drop off your bags. Moreover, the easy QR code system makes checking in and picking up your luggage fast and straightforward. This way, you’ll be free to explore the Magnificent Mile in no time.

You can find Radical Storage on your US trip, but also all around the world. Choose the best luggage storage facilities around:

Luggage storage Chicago Magnificent Mile map

luggage storage Chicago magnificent mile map
Among different Radical Storage locations available, we recommend leaving your bags at luggage storage Chicago Magnificent Mile (0,3 miles far). Moreover, it’s very close to 360 Chicago Observation Deck and Museum of Contemporary Art.

Chicago luggage storage pricing overview

Pricing is an important factor for everyone. We have created this luggage storage Chicago Magnificent Mile table, comparing the daily rates of the most popular storage companies in Chicago. This way you don’t have to browse for hours and waste your time.

Radical Storage BagsAway Luggage Hero StoreMe
Number of locations per city 16+ 14 12 20+
Daily rate $6 per bag $7,95 per bag $8 per bag $14 per bag
Handling Fee No Yes Yes No

What is Chicago’s Magnificent Mile?

magnificent mile chicago
The Magnificent Mile is a stretch of illustrious blocks filled with culturally rich entertainment, shopping, and dining. It has grown to become one of the most iconic shopping districts in the world.

Developer Arthur Rubloff coined the name “Magnificent Mile”, but the first visionary of the Mag Mile was urban designer Daniel Burnham. Burnham imagined a stretch of Chicago that housed luxurious boutique shops, multi-level shopping centers, fine dining, and a vibrant atmosphere that would attract people from all over the globe. He had proposed the idea in 1909, and by the 1920s, development began.

Today, the Magnificent Mile in the heart of Chicago stands as one of its most prominent landmarks. Spreading along downtown Michigan avenue, this iconic set of blocks is situated between Michigan Bridge and Oak Street.

Things to do on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago

navy pier chicago

  • Odyssey Chicago River
    Take a lovely cruise on the Chicago River to view the beautiful cityscape while being treated to an elegant dinner, brunch, or lunch. The boat is a glass-encased vessel where you can dine while watching the city float right by you. Go in the evening for an even more stunning view of downtown Chicago.
  • 360 Chicago Observatory
    Enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of Chicago, but instead, from a bird’s eye view. The Chicago 360 Observatory is a full glass enclosed 94th floor that offers one of the city’s best sights. Don’t miss the thrilling TILT experience where you are tilted on an all-glass platform over the edge of the building, which offers a truly unique view of Chicago.
  • Shopping
    If you’re going to one of the world’s famous shopping districts, you should absolutely partake in what makes it famous – shopping. You are spoiled for choices with three different vertical shopping centers suitable for all tastes. There are countless multi-level boutiques that offer floors and floors of famously designed apparel, accessories, shoes, and more.
  • Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier
    Enjoy a spin on the 150-foot Ferris Wheel at the Navy Pier. You’ll experience another beautiful view of Chicago, but this one is fun for the entire family, especially if you have children with you. However, if you don’t have kids, the Ferris Wheel is still romantic and fun as you take in the breathtaking view.
  • Dining
    Whether you’re in Chicago for a week or one night, the best place to dine out is on the Magnificent Mile. Known as the heart of the Chicago culinary scene, you will not lack choices. From casual dining to elegant champagne types of meals, the Magnificent Mile will impress even the pickiest eater.

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