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luggage storage palace of versailles

Are you going to visit the symbol of the French monarchy? Be aware that you cannot get in with a bulky suitcase, but don’t worry. This post provides a list of luggage storage locations near the Palace of Versailles.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Can I leave luggage at the Palace of Versailles?

A trip to Paris won’t be complete unless you visit the world-famous Palace of Versailles. However, your bulky suitcase can ruin all your exciting plans.

Imagine you’re going to stay in an Airbnb rental, but your host cannot keep your luggage after your check-out or before your check-in. You’ll probably have plenty of free time before your flight or upon arrival. So, what is the best way to spend your last hours in the city than a tour of the Palace of Versailles?

Fortunately, there are luggage lockers at the entrance of the palace. But, the strict rules of the organization don’t allow you to store luggage in the main hall.

For security reasons, some kind of luggage is not allowed inside the palace area (including parks and gardens).

Here is the full list of forbidden items:

  • pushchairs;
  • metal baby carriers;
  • walking sticks;
  • crutches;
  • bulky luggage and backpacks;
  • umbrellas;
  • any pointed, sharp objects or blunt instruments.

In order to be stored in the left luggage area, luggage may not exceed 55cm x 35cm x 20cm. Also, all items must pass through the security check.

This means that if you have, for example, a large rucksack exceeding the size restrictions, you won’t be able to store it and visit the palace.

Also, you cannot leave valuables and clothing inside lockers.

So, what now? Don’t worry, we have some perfect luggage storage options to show you.

Luggage storage Palace of Versailles: best option!

There are several luggage storage services in Paris. The most common are self-service lockers at main train stations. However, this isn’t the most affordable and simple storage option. For example, Gare du Nord provides lockers of different sizes at rather high rates.

  • Small locker (can hold only handbags) – 5.50€/day
  • Medium locker (suitable for standard suitcases) – 7,50€/day
  • Large locker (can fit bulky items) – 9,50€/day

Please note that you’ll have to pay an additional fee if you lose your access ticket or code.

Also, keep in mind that lockers aren’t strongboxes, so we recommend to avoid leaving valuables inside.

So, what is the best luggage storage near the Palace of Versailles?

Nowadays, you can use online luggage storage platforms to find left luggage facilities located in local shops, hotels, restaurants, and so on. This is possible, thanks to Radical Storage.

Radical Storage offers the most extensive luggage storage network with over 100 locations in Paris.

This revolutionary company creates trustworthy partnerships with local businesses by supporting and promoting them at the same time.

All of Radical Storage’s left luggage places have previously been verified, so you can feel relaxed and safe to leave your belongings behind.

You can drop off your suitcases for a few hours or the whole day, paying a fixed daily rate (€5 per bag). There is also a guarantee for each piece of luggage in case of the thief, loss, or damage. Furthermore, there are no size or weight limits on bags (you can leave bulky suitcases, as well as strollers or other large items).

The easiest way to book your space is through the Radical Storage app. However, if you don’t have enough memory to download the app, you can use the website (no need to sign up). All you need to do is type in a location (or enable geolocation), choose a storage facility, fill in all the required fields, and easily pay online. You’ll then receive a confirmation with the address and your personal QR code to show at check-in.

Luggage storage Palace of Versailles map

Booking a Radical Storage facility is a smart choice that will let you enjoy your day in Versailles to the fullest.

Take a look at this map and 2 storage points located near the Palace entrance.
palace versailles map

  • Luggage Storage Palace of Versailles: located in a cozy souvenir shop where you can also buy a gift for your loved ones before leaving.
  • Left Luggage Versailles City Center: located in an office 300 meters from Gare de Versailles (strategic hub if you travel by train).

Luggage Storage Palace of Versailles: pricing table

Radical Storage ranks among the best luggage storage services, especially for its affordable price. However, there are several other storage companies in Paris, operating with the same concept.

If you don’t want to waste your time browsing and checking all their prices and details, below, you’ll find everything you need to know. To make your life easier and help you choose the right luggage storage Palace of Versailles service, we’ve created this pricing table.

Make your choice and enjoy your tour hands-free!

 Radical StorageCity LockerLuggage HeroNannybag
Number of locations per city90+53060+
Daily rate€5 per bag€9 per locker€8 per bag€6 per bag
Handling FeeNoYesYesNo

How to get from Paris to the Palace of Versailles?

The Palace of Versailles is located about 20 kilometers from Paris and is easily reachable by public transport. Thousands of visitors arrive daily from the city to visit this attraction using the regular services provided by trains and buses that connect the capital and the palace. Here are all the possible ways to get to the Sun King’s residence from Paris.

Get to the Palace of Versailles by train

SNCF (French national railways) operates two train services that run between Paris and Versailles: the Line N train that leaves from Gare Montparnasse station and arrives at Versailles Chantiers station and the Line L train that leaves from Gare Saint-Lazare station and arrives at Versailles Rive Droite station. The ride takes just over half an hour, and the Palace is about twenty minutes walk away.

  • Ticket price: approx. €7

Get to the Palace of Versailles by subway

The RER C line provides a direct connection from the center of Paris to the Versailles Château – Rive Gauche station, which is the closest to the palace. The RER C stations are St-Michel, Musée d’Orsay, Invalides, Pont de l’Alma, and Champs de Mars – Tour Eiffel. Trains run regularly every 15 minutes, and the ride takes about 50 minutes. The station is a 10 minutes walk from your destination (just follow the signs outside the station).

  • Ticket price: approx. €7

Get to the Palace of Versailles by bus

The RATP 171 bus line runs between Pont de Sèvres (the last stop on Paris Metro Line 9) and the Palace of Versailles. The journey usually takes 40 minutes (depending on the volume of traffic on the route).

  • Ticket price: approx. €4

Palace of Versailles hours

Currently, the Palace of Versailles is open every day except on Mondays from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm in high season and from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm in low season. However, the estate of Trianon and the Coach Gallery is only open in the afternoon.

Except under special circumstances, the Park and Gardens are open every day from 8.00 am to 8.30 pm. Admission to the Gardens is free (except on days when there are fountain shows).

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