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If you want to get rid of your heavy bags for a few hours or a few days in a secure place, you can drop them off in one of the luggage storage facilities at Gare de l’Est listed in this post.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Are there luggage lockers at Gare de l’Est?

Yes, there are. You can find the lockers room at level -1, near the subway entrance. It opens from 8 am to 9 pm every day (the timetable doesn’t vary on public holidays).

Daily rates for luggage delivery vary according to the size of the locker:

  • €5.50 for a small locker (suitable for a handbag);
  • €7,50 for a medium locker (standard bag);
  • €9,50 for a large locker (bulky suitcase).

For any additional day, there is a fee of €5 per item.

You can store suitcases, cases, and travel bags. Prohibited items include perishable foodstuffs, animals, dangerous goods, flammable or toxic materials, and weapons.

In case you decide to use self-service lockers at Gare de l’Est, you need to know that the maximum storage time at the station is 72 hours. Also, for security reasons, we don’t recommend leaving valuables inside.

If you’re looking for a more affordable and flexible service, Radical Storage may be a better option for you.

Luggage storage Gare de l’Est: best storage provider

Radical Storage is the largest left luggage network in the world. It provides safe storage facilities in over 350 cities. The brilliant idea behind this service is to use available spaces of local shops, restaurants, bike rentals, etc., to store luggage.

Imagine it’s your last day in Paris, and you’re walking around with an annoying suitcase. Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy your last time hands-free? Of course, it would.

Now, imagine you can drop off your bags at the closest boulangerie or cafe in just 3 minutes and get back to explore the city. That would be absolutely great! And, thanks to Radical Storage, now you can!

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Radical Storage app or access the website;
  2. Enable your geolocation or type a city or an address;
  3. Choose a luggage storage location from the map or the list;
  4. Fill in all fields, with dates and number of items;
  5. Type your email and move on to the payment.

Then, you’ll receive an email with the address of the storage location and the check-in guidelines.

Radical Storage partners are called Angels because they are reliable and always available. All facilities are verified and strategically located close to the main sights (such as Tour Eiffel, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, etc.) and stations (such as Gare St. Lazare, Gare de Lyon, etc.).

How much does it cost to store luggage with Radical Storage?

Radical Storage applies a fixed daily rate: €5 per bag. It includes a guarantee for each piece of luggage in case of thief, loss, or damage.

There are no restrictions on the size or the weight of the items. You can drop off bulky suitcases, as well as sport’s equipment or strollers.

Here are some luggage storage Gare de l’Est facilities:

For any need, 24-hour multilingual customer service is active. You can contact it via chat or email.

Gare de l’Est metro and departures

gare de l'est paris
Gare de l’Est is one of the six largest stations in Paris. It’s located in the X arrondissement and is close to Gare du Nord.

This station is the starting point for trains traveling to the east of France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland.

The subway lines connecting Gare de l’Est are 4, 5, and 7.

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