Luggage storage in Los Angeles: guide 2023

luggage storage in los angeles

If you are staying in Los Angeles for a few days, the last thing you want to do is carry around your heavy suitcase. Instead, you can use affordable luggage storage in Los Angeles to store your bags at a location of your choice. 

In this post, we’re going to show you the most popular and comfortable places to leave your luggage in Los Angeles, and we’ll tell you about their benefits and drawbacks. Our aim is to help you make the most of every minute of your vacation or business trip and save money and time!

Los Angeles luggage storage map

luggage storage option in Los Angeles

Where to store luggage in Los Angeles

Have you ever been on a trip and found yourself in a situation where you either thought you wouldn’t be able to make it with all your bags or didn’t want to deal with them?

While traveling to the USA, there are certain preparations you need to make to have a smooth trip. And one of them is ensuring you find a safe luggage storage facility to wander around without dragging your heavy suitcase with you. After all, you should enjoy your vacation or business trip, not be weighed down by heavy bags.

LA is the biggest city in the state of California and a major hub for business and leisure travelers. This city offers a lot of wonderful sights but can sometimes be quite hard to explore, especially for a first-time visitor.

There are lots of places in LA that offer long-term and short-term luggage storage. Most hotels, motels, and guest houses have limited space or don’t accept keeping bags.  However, there are some long-term lockers for rent with prices ranging from $15-$40+ per week. The most popular places that serve as short-term luggage storage are airports, train stations, bus stations, or some private companies partnering with local businesses.

Instead of spending hours traveling from airports to stations and scouring the streets trying to find an affordable place to store your bag, you can drop it off in a nearby shop or restaurant. This kind of service is provided by Radical Storage and some other companies.

Storing luggage with Radical Storage

Radical Storage provides a more innovative solution to storing your luggage while you travel. With the simple app and website, you can now reserve & pay for storage directly from your smartphone and manage your bookings online. 

In each major city, Radical Storage has a network of storage locations available in shops, hotels, and restaurants where you can safely and affordably leave your belongings. 

Radical Storage makes getting rid of your luggage easy, stress-free, and inexpensive. Here’s what you’ll have by booking one of their facilities:

  • Smooth storage experience
  • No queues
  • Reasonable flat daily rate ($6 per bag)
  • Trusted partners with safe and supervised storage spaces
  • 24h customer service team

All partners are chosen based on their attention to detail, friendliness, and overall security. 

Additional places to store luggage in Los Angeles

Luggage storage in Los Angeles airport

Need to store your bags at the airport for a few days? If your flight got in late, or you’re on an extended layover, you may need a safe place for your luggage.

LAX Luggage Storage company provides short-term and long-term luggage storage services near Los Angeles International Airport. LAX will handle your luggage either for a few hours or for several months. Prices depend on the size of your luggage (starting from $12 per bag), the time frame you want to leave your stuff, and where you want to pick up or drop off your bags (extra $5 fee). You can find more details on the official LAX website.

If you want to save your money, we advise leaving your bags with Radical Storage at luggage storage near South La Brea Ave. It’s located a couple of miles from the airport and is open 24/7

LA Union Station

If you arrive at the Union Station ahead of your train’s departure time, don’t worry. Amtrak offers baggage storage for $10 per bag/day if you’re taking an Amtrak train. If you’re not an Amtrak passenger, you’ll have to pay $20 per item for 24 hours.

The most affordable way to get rid of your bags near LA Union Station is by leaving them at luggage storage in the Little Tokyo neighborhood. It’s just a short walk from the station!

Comparison pricing table

Radical StorageLAXBagsAway
Number of locations per city14112
Daily rate
$6 per bag$12 per bag$7,95 per bag
Extra feeNoYesYes

Luggage storage Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles is full of life, both modern and historic. When strolling the sidewalks of this exciting part of town, you’ll find yourself surrounded by exciting places to see and things to do. It includes Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and the Arts District and is home to famous art museums, innovative cuisine restaurants, and lovely cafes. The area boasts modern skyscrapers and significant historic buildings such as El Pueblo de Los Angeles. 

If you don’t want to be weighed down by your suitcase, you can find several luggage storage options within Downtown LA.

Here’re some of the most famous:


The iconic Hollywood neighborhood attracts many tourists thanks to several famous landmarks such as the star-studded Walk of Fame, the Paramount Pictures Studios, and the Dolby Theatre, home of the Oscar ceremony.

There’re several safe places, such as luggage storage near Hollywood/Vine station, where you can drop off your bags while you are sightseeing. 

Take a look at this complete Hollywood luggage storage guide.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a major tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world who want to see its luxurious villas, wide, tree-lined streets, boutiques, and famous bars. The walkway along Rodeo Drive is a place where every Hollywood celebrity comes to shop for their favorite designer brands. The city has great energy, beautiful nature views, and a fabulous lifestyle.

If you want to know where you can leave your bags for a while, read this detailed guide.


Venice is a unique and popular neighborhood. It’s located on the westside of Los Angeles and is beachside. It’s popular due to the famous Venice Beach. Known for having a bohemian and eclectic lifestyle, it is home to some notable recreational venues, including the Venice Beach boardwalk and Muscle Beach.

Radical Storage provides comfortable luggage storage on Venice Blvd, close to Venice Canals and Venice Beach Boardwalk.

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