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All you need to know about Chicago Union Station luggage storage service

Have some free time to spend between checkout from your Airbnb and your train? Finding an affordable luggage storage Chicago Union Station facilities is a great way to get rid of your bulky bags and enjoy your day hands-free.

Luggage storage Chicago Union Station map

luggage storage chicago union station map
  • Luggage Storage Chicago Union Station: 387 feet from the Willis Tower; 0,1 miles from Quincy Station; 0,2 miles from Union Station.
  • Luggage Storage LaSalle Station: 0,2 miles from LaSalle Station; 0,2 miles from Morton Building; 0,3 miles from Harrison Station.

Places to store luggage in Chicago

Chicago is a wonderful metropolitan Midwest city. It offers beautiful landscapes, charming waterfront areas, lovely neighborhoods with stunning architecture, and cafes to chill out and relax! There is a lot to do whether you are staying for a couple of days or a few hours.

Certainly, the last thing you want to do is get stuck with your heavy bags during your activities. That’s why you should find a safe and affordable place to store your luggage.

Actually, Chicago has no traditional luggage storage services or self-service lockers for its visitors. For security reasons, you won’t find lockers at any U.S. train stations and airports, including Chicago O’Hare Airport.

However, you can use the Amtrak luggage storage facility at Chicago Union Station, but you’ll have to pay $20 per item/ day (if you’re an Amtrak passenger, the price is $10 per item/day).

Otherwise, if you’re traveling by bus, you can use the Greyhound left luggage service at the Chicago terminal. Its price is $8 per piece of luggage per day.

Also, some museums and galleries offer luggage storage service, but only for visitors and for a short time.

For example, the Art Institute of Chicago, located a walking distance from Chicago Union Station, offers a storage room for $1 per item, but it’s currently closed due to Covid-19.

To avoid any hassles and save money, we have the perfect luggage storage option for you. We’re talking about convenient luggage storage facilities located in private businesses throughout Chicago.

Why is Radical Storage the best luggage storage provider in Chicago Union Station?

Imagine walking down the streets of Chicago dragging a bulky suitcase. It would be fantastic if you could just walk into the first shop on your way and drop off your bags there for a while, right?

Thankfully, it’s now possible. Radical Storage developed an easy-to-use app and website where you can find and book a luggage storage facility near you.

Are you wondering how this works? Radical Storage searches for reliable and strategically positioned local businesses such as bike rentals, offices, shops, or cafes, which have a free space for luggage.

All Radical partners (called Angels) are always verified and supervised.

Now you’d like to know how much it costs, right? Well, the price is definitely competitive. By paying a fixed daily rate ($6 per item), you’ll be able to store a bag of any size or weight. You can even leave strollers, bicycles, sports equipment, and other large items, contrary to traditional services.

Also, you won’t have to queue, thanks to online payment and 3-minute check-in.

Luggage storage Chicago Union Station: pricing table

As you browse online, you’ll find several other companies offering a similar storage service. However, their rates are slightly higher.

If you don’t want to waste your time checking all the details, take a look at this simple pricing table.

  Radical Storage BagsAway Luggage Hero Store Me
Number of locations per city 16+ 14 12 20+
Daily rate $6 per bag $7,95 per bag about $8 per bag $14 per bag
Handling Fee No Yes Yes No

Where is Chicago Union Station

Chicago Union Station is the fourth-busiest train station in the U.S. It’s located in the West Loop Gate neighborhood of Chicago, between West Adams Street and West Jackson Boulevard.

In addition to long-distance trains, it’s also the terminus for six Metra commuter lines that serve Chicago city and its suburbs.

Chicago Union Station is an iconic structure, reflecting the city’s rich architectural and historical heritage.

Completed in 1925 following construction delays caused by World War I, it has Beaux-Arts facades, massive columns, marble floors, and a Great Hall.

In 1984, the station underwent a series of significant renovations to better accommodate growing passenger volumes better after Amtrak took full ownership.

Chicago Union Station to O’hare

The CTA Blue subway line provides a 24-hour rapid transit train service between O’Hare International Airport and Chicago city (terminating at Forest Park station). It’s the easiest and most affordable way to get to the airport via public transit.​​​​ The ride takes about 50 minutes.

Things to do near Chicago Union Station

millenium park chicago
If you’re on a long layover in Chicago, make sure you don’t waste your time. It’s such a vibrant city that it would be a pity to get there without exploring its infinite attractions.

The first thing you should do is to get rid of heavy suitcases, so you can visit the city without lugging your bags around. Keep in mind that Amtrak luggage storage service has quite high rates, especially for non-Amtrak passengers ($20 per bag/day). So, it’s better to leave the station and drop off your suitcases at the Radical luggage storage facility located just outside of Chicago Union Station.

Once you’re free from all the hassle, you can enjoy the best view in Chicago at the Ledge at Skydeck on the 103rd floor of Willis Tower. It’s a 5-minute walk from the station.

If you are an art lover, you can’t miss the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s the second-oldest art museum in the U.S. and it owns one of the largest collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art, including Modern and Contemporary artworks.

To top off your day, go for a nice relaxing walk around the famous Millenium Park. It’s one of the city’s major attractions and a meeting hub for locals and visitors. It’s not only a beautiful green area, but also an exhibition hall for art, culture, and post-modern architecture.

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