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Are you wondering where to drop off your bags to enjoy your day in Chicago? In this post, we’ll try to help you choose the best luggage storage facility in the Jackson area. Here, you’ll discover all available left luggage options.

Luggage storage Jackson: places to store luggage near the Station

Chicago is one of the most influential cities in the United States. It’s known for its breathtaking skyline, delicious street food, and beautiful Jackson Park.

This lively city receives numerous visitors every day for many different reasons, for example, business meetings or tourism.

Naturally, visitors like you are often in search of luggage storage solutions. Whether you have a long layover in Chicago or have just checked out of your hotel, the best way to make the most of your time is to get rid of your suitcase and take a sightseeing tour.

Until recently, Chicago has struggled with a lack of luggage storage options.
The only ways to store bags were to leave them at train stations, bus terminals, or museums.

For example, Chicago Union Station offers luggage storage service for $10 per day/item, but only for those traveling by Amtrak (with a valid ticket). If you aren’t an Amtrak customer, you can store your bags for $20 per item/per day.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling by Greyhound bus, you can store your luggage for $8 per piece for up to 24 hours at the Chicago terminal.

Otherwise, suppose you’re going to visit some museums or galleries. In that case, some of them offer luggage storage service (for visitors only ) for free or for a fee. However, you cannot use it for the whole day.

Visitors of the Art Institute of Chicago, located a few steps from Jackson station, pay $1 per item, but the museum’s cloakroom is currently closed.

If you want to save money, time and avoid unexpected surprises, we recommend that you try modern luggage storage facilities located in private businesses throughout Chicago.

You can find Radical Storage on your US trip, but also all around the world. Choose the best luggage storage facilities around:

  • Gare du Nord Left Luggage. Get to Paris and be enchanted by the magic of the city from the first moment.
  • King’s Cross Left Luggage. In the nerve center of the British capital, leaving your luggage at King’s Cross could make it easier for you to find your way to all the must-see destinations in London.
  • Central Station Sydney Left Luggage. Close to the central CBD district, you can leave your luggage and enjoy every corner of Sydney.
  • Tokyo Station Left Luggage. Set your hands and eyes free to enjoy every glimpse of Japan’s technological and innovative capital.

Luggage storage Jackson: top-rated facilities

Radical Storage provides the most affordable and easy-to-use luggage storage solution. It operates in more than 350 cities all over the world.

Through collaboration with various local businesses, such as stores, hotels, or restaurants, Radical Storage offers safe locations in the city.

The daily rate for storing luggage is incredibly low: only $6 per bag. You can leave suitcases, as well as strollers or other bulky items.

The booking process is also easy and straightforward. All you need to do is download the Radical Storage App or enter the website and type a specific location (or enable geolocation). Then, select the storage facility that suits you best and proceed with the booking and payment.

After that, you’ll receive a confirmation text with the exact address and a QR code to show at check-in.

Luggage storage Jackson: how much does it cost to store bags in Chicago?

Browsing online, you’ll find several luggage storage companies operating the same way as Radical Storage. That’s why it becomes challenging to choose the best one. Thanks to this simple pricing table, you can quickly get an idea.

Radical Storage BagsAway LuggageHero StoreMe
Number of locations per city 16+ 14 12 20+
Daily rate $6 per bag $7,95 per bag $8 per bag $14 per bag
Handling Fee No Yes Yes No

Jackson Park in Chicago

jackson park
Jackson Park is a 500-acre park located in Hyde Park and Woodlawn communities on the South Side of Chicago. It borders Lake Michigan and many neighborhoods of the city.

This lovely park is the perfect hub for both locals and visitors who want to jog, ride a bike, or take a nice walk. Also, it offers tennis courts, a fitness center, and many other exciting activities.

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