Find out affordable luggage storage options at Wrigley Field

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Are you going to visit the home of the Chicago Cubs? Make sure your heavy bag won’t weigh you down. If you don’t know where to drop it off, in this post you’ll discover several luggage storage options near Wrigley Field.

Can you bring luggage to Wrigley Field?

Wrigley Field is one of the oldest and most iconic baseball parks in the United States. It was built in 1914 and has been home to the Cubs since 1916.

To enter Wrigley Field you’ll have to pass security checks at all gates. Visitors without any luggage can enter through the “Express” lanes. At the same time, fans with bags (or other stuff) should pass through designated lanes where a security team will check them.

You can bring luggage inside, but not larger than 16 x 16 x 8 inches. This means that standard suitcases aren’t allowed, but you can enter with items like handbags, backpacks (within the size limits), wheelchairs, and small umbrella strollers.

Are there lockers at Wrigley Field?

Unfortunately, there are no luggage lockers at Wrigley Field. As states on the official website, bags cannot be stored inside the ballpark and must remain with guests.

However, if you’re traveling by Amtrak, you can store your bags at Union Station for $10 per piece of luggage (non-customers pay $20 per item).

If you’re coming by bus with Greyhound, you can leave your luggage at the Chicago terminal for $8 per item.

Luggage storage Wrigley Field: the best storage option

Did you know that you can finally leave your bags in restaurants, shops, or hotels (even if you don’t stay there)? Yes, now it’s possible. Thanks to the Radical Storage app or website, you can find several storage facilities near you.

Radical Storage is the most extensive luggage storage network in the world. It creates trustworthy partnerships with local businesses such as bike rentals, offices, cafes, etc., and provides a user-friendly online platform to book your space.

By paying a fixed daily rate ($6 per bag), you’ll be able to store your stuff in a secure and verified place. Radical Storage’s partners (called Angels) accept bulky suitcases, strollers, bicycles, and other large items, contrary to traditional services.

Also, you don’t have to queue thanks to a 3-minute check-in.

Other storage companies, such as StoreMe or LuggageHero, provide a similar service, but with a slightly higher price.

Luggage Storage Wrigley Field map

Click on the map and check out all luggage storage Wrigley Field facilities.

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Interesting facts about Wrigley Field

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Wrigley Field is the second oldest baseball stadium in the US (after Fenway Park in Boston). It’s located in the Wrigleyville neighborhood, a residential area full of bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

In addition to the National League matches, Wrigley Field hosts events and concerts. Also, there are regular tours for curious visitors.

Here are some fascinating facts about Wrigley Field:

  • Wrigley was the first park that allowed fans to keep balls hit into the stands (since 1915);
  • Its outfield walls are covered in ivy;
  • Its scoreboard is the original one since 1937 and it’s still manually operated;
  • None of the players has ever hit the scoreboard with a baseball;
  • It hosted several concerts by famous artists such as Elton John, Pearl Jam, Lady Gaga, and Foo Fighters;
  • It’s the only one to have “rooftop seats” (seats on the neighborhood buildings’ roofs).

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