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luggage storage los angeles venice

Luggage Storage Los Angeles Venice guide 

Are you going to visit Venice on the last day of your LA stay? Then you’ll need a safe place where to leave your bags. There are several luggage storage options in Los Angeles Venice.

We’ll summarize the best one in this post so that you don’t have to waste your time searching for all the details, such as price, reviews, and locations.

Luggage storage near LA Venice hotspots

venice beach

Suppose you plan to visit Los Angeles before leaving and your hotel is located in Venice. In that case, you can skip all the hassle of carrying your luggage around, getting it crushed in all the buses and trains, running from one station to another, and find a proper place where to store it.

Finding a luggage storage in Venice that’s close to major attractions, affordable, secure, and with positive reviews can be quite a challenge.

After an extensive search for the best luggage storage in the city, we’ve concluded that Radical Storage is your best option. 

Their luggage Storage Los Angeles Venice is located on Venice Blvd (0,3 miles from Venice Canals; 0.5 miles from Venice Beach Boardwalk).  

When it comes to sights, sounds, and style, Venice Boulevard has it all. A major east-west route in Los Angeles, this street is lined with shops, restaurants, and outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean.

The distance from Venice to Santa Monica, another major hotspot, is approximately 3 miles. You can reach Santa Monica by bus in about 15 minutes or take a nice long walk on the Venice boardwalk.

Radical Storage – recommended service

Radical Storage is an innovative luggage storage service that offers convenient storage locations all over the world. It’s the only storage provider that can guarantee that your bags will be safe and protected for a reasonable price. In LA, it costs just $6 per bag/day, allowing you to store luggage of any size or weight.

With a wide range of local partners, such as shops, hotels, or restaurants, Radical Storage offers thousands of luggage storage facilities in more than 400 major cities. 

How to store bags in Venice with Radical Storage

Radical Storage developed an app and website where customers can easily find and book a nearby storage place.

Customers can book a place to store their bags online (through the Radical Storage app or website) in just a few clicks. With a simple QR code system, there is no need to queue.

Wherever place you’ll book, there will be a welcoming, professional staff to assist you!

Things to do in Venice, LA

While Venice is not technically part of the city of Los Angeles, it’s considered part of the greater LA area thanks to its laid-back lifestyle, oceanfront boardwalk, and surrounding neighborhoods filled with restaurants and shops.

Venice is home to several art galleries, unique and trendy cafes, and rows upon rows of diverse eateries. This beachside stop is just as lively at night as during the afternoon, with movie theaters and live entertainment adding more fun activities.

Lined with bars, restaurants, and eclectic shops, Abbot Kinney Boulevard is one of Venice Beach’s most colorful streets. Shops include modern clothing boutiques, shoe stores selling trendy sandals and handbags, and small galleries displaying local art.

Can’t-miss spots include the Venice Beach Boardwalk and Muscle Beach outdoor gym. Muscle Beach is home to a host of outdoor fitness equipment. While along the Venice Beach boardwalk, people watch and enjoy the ocean. 

A stone’s throw away is the Marina del Rey and Venice Canals. Home to the world’s largest port for small boats, Marina is both a haven for sailors and a place to catch the sun and sand.

If you’re seeking thrills, there’s something for everyone at Venice Beach Skatepark, where skateboarders do tricks on the ramp.

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