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Top-rated luggage storage locations in Beverly Hills

Dragging a heavy suitcase on Rodeo Drive is clearly not a good idea while in LA. So, why not drop it off in one of the luggage storage spots in Beverly Hills? Here you will find out where to leave your bags for a few hours or days.

Places to store luggage near Beverly Hills in Los Angeles

Beverly Hills is the LA capital of luxury, wealth, and glory. It’s a hilly area surrounded by villas, luxurious cars, tree-lined streets with fine stores, luxury boutiques, and top restaurants. Its energy and fabulous lifestyle will overwhelm you as soon as you get there. So the need for luggage storage may be pretty urgent if you don’t want to lug around heavy bags.

You may need it before you check into your hotel or right after checking out. With so many things to do, there is no time and energy to waste.

The most comfortable and affordable way to store your suitcases while enjoying your time in Beverly Hills is to use private storage companies that partner up with local businesses. That means you can leave your bags in a nearby shop, restaurant, or cafe. Read on to find out the most ranked luggage storage Beverly Hills service.

Luggage storage Beverly Hills – Radical Storage

The leading company providing luggage storage service in local stores is Radical Storage. You can easily find and book one of the facilities spread all over LA (15 locations) through the app or website.

This innovative service costs $6 per item/day, a much lower price than traditional luggage storage facilities at the airport or train station. The rate includes a guarantee for each piece of luggage and allows you to drop off any kind of bag, no matter what its size or weight is.

Online booking and QR code system will save you time at luggage drop-off and pick-up.

Luggage storage Beverly Hills map

luggage storage beverly hills

Luggage storage West Hollywood is located just 1,9 miles from Beverly Hills, on Santa Monica Boulevard, to be exact. The storage facility host is at one of the best outdoor activity companies in LA. You’ll find it right next to La Cienega / Santa Monica bus stop, where many buses (for example, n° 4 or 704) run to Beverly Hills in about 10 minutes.

Luggage storage Beverly Hills: pricing table

Several other luggage storage companies similarly operate in Los Angeles as Radical Storage. However, some of them, such as BagsAway, apply both daily and hourly rates (plus an extra handling fee).

Daily rates usually vary, so here is a pricing overview:

Radical Storage BagsAway Bagsort
Number of locations per city 16+ 14 20+
Daily rate $6 per bag $7,95 per bag $8,95 per bag
Handling Fee No Yes Yes

Interesting facts about Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is gorgeous, rich, luxurious, and iconic. When people think of Hollywood, whether the movies or the stars, Beverly Hills always comes to mind.

With the wide streets lined with impressive houses in the residential area or rich storefronts filled with world-known brands, Beverly Hills is the definition of glamourous. The palm trees, fountains, and clean sidewalks all speak for themselves.

First home to the indigenous groups, the Tongvas and the Gabrielinos, the land that Beverly Hills now occupies was sacred land for one reason: water. The Californian desert was sparse and dry, but the area where Beverly Hills now sits (previously called El Rodeo de las Aguas or “the Gathering of waters”) was home to natural waterways that flowed from the hilltops to create a beautiful, lush green, and colorful paradise.

After the settlers’ arrival, this sacred piece of land passed to different owners until it came into the hands of Burton E. Green, an American oilman, who began developing the area. During the twenties (the Hollywood Golden age), many more improvements were made that culminated into the city we know and love today.

Beverly Hills is an absolute must-see when visiting Los Angeles. Everyone can find something to appreciate:

  • A movie fan will love to look at the homes of their favorite stars.
  • A fashion lover will love looking at some of the most famous brands.
  • Someone who loves the sun and fancy eating will enjoy the selection of 5-star restaurants that surround the area.

Top 5 things to do in Beverly Hills, California

beverly hills rodeo dr

  • Take a Tour Bus
    On a Beverly Hills tour, you will get the chance to see some of the most iconic homes in Los Angeles as well as the homes of your favorite movie stars, TV personalities, singers, musicians, and other celebrities. From Jennifer Aniston to Taylor Swift and John Legend, you can see the houses of some of the most popular celebrities in the world.
  • Walk along Rodeo Drive
    Enjoy the afternoon in the lap of luxury while you walk down the three blocks of the glorious Rodeo Drive.
  • The Golden Triangle
    Hidden away within Rodeo Drive is the Golden Triangle. It’s a cobblestone street filled with high-end shops that are often frequented by famous stars.
  • Greystone Mansion
    Explore this beautiful private estate which will have you thinking of an English countryside house with its beautiful garden and decadent architecture. Spend an afternoon exploring and take as many photos as you want, the view is worth it.
  • Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation
    If you love unique art, then you will love the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, which is home to some eccentric and fun pieces of art displayed all over the area.

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