Luggage Storage Melbourne

Melbourne CBD luggage storage: where to store your luggage

Melbourne central business district (CBD) is a lively commercial, residential, and governmental area, that is frequently visited by travelers due to its attractive landmarks and tourist sites. Apart from being vibrant, Melbourne CBD is also quite expensive, so finding a hotel might not be an option for everyone. Fortunately, there are more than enough locations for luggage storage in Melbourne CBD, where you can leave your bags for as long as needed. 

If it’s your first time in this area, or you’re just too overwhelmed by all the luggage storage options in Melbourne CBD, we can help you out. In this article, we have talked about Melbourne CBD luggage storage options, nearby locations, which company is the best, and how to book with them. So keep reading! 

Melbourne CBD luggage storage facilities 

Melbourne’s central business district (CBD) is the most urban area of the city planned on the most ancient part of Melbourne. Since 1837, when the CBD was laid out, it has expanded to include some of the neighboring suburbs in its map. This makes it a compulsory spot for tourists coming from all parts of the world, hence a large collection of luggage storage options. 

Throughout the streets of this contemporary neighborhood, you can easily find reliable facilities for Melbourne CBD luggage storage. Tourists don’t have to go too far to store their luggage if they are visiting a tourist destination that doesn’t allow bags or strollers inside. 

5 of the city’s main train stations including the Flagstaff, Parliament, Melbourne Central, Flinders Street, and Southern Cross station have stops in CBD Melbourne. Despite such a high number of visitors coming to Melbourne CBD every day, you can still find a safe luggage storage facility at an affordable rate. 

One thing you need to do before booking a slot for your excess or heavy luggage is check their pricing policies and security coverage. That’s because, unlike Radical Storage, which has a fixed rate policy, many companies charge you extra if your luggage is too big or too heavy. 

Places to store your bags in Melbourne CBD 

Since CBD Melbourne is the most prominent and popular area in the city, you’ll have no trouble searching for a reliable and trustworthy luggage storage provider. In addition to a direct route to the major train stations in the city such as Melbourne Central and Flinders Street, CBD Melbourne is home to tourist junctions like City Square, State Library Victoria, Chinatown Melbourne, and Flagstaff Gardens. 

No matter whether you’re arriving in the CBD or leaving for another area in the city, you have plenty of locations for luggage storage to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the most convenient storage locations in Melbourne CBD

  • Luggage Storage Melbourne Central Station: This is the major train station in Melbourne, which is located within walking distance of the CBD. 
  • Luggage Storage Flagstaff Railway Station: It is another important train station in Melbourne CBD that’s just 8 minutes away from Witches in Britches. 
  • Luggage Storage State Library Victoria: State Library Victoria is a great place for literary enthusiasts and it is within walking distance of Parliament Station. 
  • Luggage Storage City Square: Not very far from Melbourne Chinatown, the City Square is a famous meeting point for locals and a tourist hub. 
  • Luggage Storage Chinatown Melbourne: Chinatown in Melbourne is one of the liveliest places in the city and an ideal location for luggage storage. 

Radical Storage: Ideal option for luggage storage in Melbourne CBD

Radical Storage is an international luggage storage company that has verified locations in more than 400 cities across the globe. It makes the traveling experience smooth for tourists by offering safe, reliable, and convenient storage locations in different locations of Melbourne CBD. 

For just $5 per bag per day, you can leave your bags with the professional team of Radical Storage and explore the city without worrying about the safety of your belongings. There are no hidden charges and in case your luggage is heavy or bulky, you don’t have to pay extra for it. For your peace of mind during traveling, Radical Storage also extends a security coverage of up to $3000 per item of your luggage.  

What’s the booking process for Radical Storage? 

The booking procedure for Radical Storage starts by downloading their mobile application on your device. If you want to explore storage options without downloading the app, you can do that as well by going to their website. 

Once on the website or app, go to the search bar to type your desired location, or simply turn on the GPS to see the list of available storage locations. Based on the ratings, timings, and location of your destination, you can book a spot online. There are multiple payment options and the payment is made online before drop off. As soon as you confirm the booking, you get an email with a QR code. 

That code can be used to drop off or pick up your luggage from the chosen storage location. In case the QR gives any error, you can use the booking number to check your luggage in and out of the storage facility. 

Things to do in Melbourne CBD 

Melbourne CBD offers a range of activities and landmarks for tourists. Here are some of them: 

  • Federation Square: It is a cultural venue that is home to beautiful galleries and local restaurants, making it a common place of gathering for locals and tourists. 
  • Queen Victoria Market: It is one of the biggest open-air markets in Australia,w which is home to hundreds of beautiful Melbourne CBD shops and fresh produce shops. 
  • Chinatown Melbourne: Chinatown is the place to be if you’re interested in tasting intercultural cuisines, engaging with the lively atmosphere, and exploring colorful stalls. 
  • Flagstaff Garden: Melbourne CBD weather calls for a leisurely walk in the lush green gardens of Flagstaff while admiring the city skyline.