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Browse some luggage storage near Southern Train Station

Arriving at a busy train station like Southern Cross Melbourne with heavy luggage and no hotel reservations can be tiring. But no need to worry because there are plenty of facilities for luggage storage at Melbourne Southern Cross train station. You can leave your bags at one of the available storage locations offered by reliable companies like Radical Storage and move around freely. 

Some train stations in Melbourne have lockers for excess luggage but they have several size and pricing limitations. You can avoid the hassle of finding a spot in station lockers by dropping off your bags at one of the convenient storage facilities by private companies. Keep reading to find out the best locations for luggage storage near Southern train station. 

Southern Train Station luggage storage 

Southern Train Station Melbourne, formally known as Spencer Street Station, is an active transport hub and a prominent landmark in Melbourne Central Business District (CBD). With 16 platforms and over 1.2 million passengers every week, it is unlikely to find a slot at the station lockers for temporarily storing your heavy luggage. 

Thankfully, there are many luggage storage providers operating in and around Southern train station, in addition to the station lockers. They offer trustworthy and reliable luggage storage services for much cheaper rates and with more convenience. Whether you need a store your bags for an hour or for a whole day, you can seamlessly pick any one of the nearby locations online. 

For local, regional, or international travel, the most suitable option, especially for first-time tourists, is to take care of their luggage as soon as they arrive at a crowded place. Having your bags safely stored at a reliable location can make your trip worry-free and easy-going. 

The thing to keep in mind is that every storage company has its own policies, rates, and locations. So, make sure you know what you’re getting into by exploring different luggage storage options near Southern Cross train station

If you’re still not sure which location to trust for keeping your valuable luggage, we have compiled a list of available and nearby storage locations at Melbourne Southern Cross train station. 

Ideal storage options near Southern Cross train station 

Melbourne Southern Cross train station has been serving as a major rail terminus since 1859. Its prime location on Spencer Street in Docklands makes it a sought-after stop for tourists and locals alike. It is a common transportation stop for people coming to visit important tourist destinations like Docklands Stadium, Melbourne Aquarium, Docklands Park, and Port Phillip Ferries Docklands Terminal

If the storage locations at the station are not preferable for you in any way, you can always opt for facilities located within walking distance from Melbourne Southern Cross station. Let’s have a closer look at some of those locations where you can leave your bags with ease: 

  • Luggage Storage Southern Railway Station: It is a hotel storage location just 4 minutes from the Southern Cross train station. 
  • Luggage Storage Melbourne Aquarium: Situated on Flinders Street, the Melbourne Aquarium is an ideal spot for tourists, especially those with kids. 
  • Luggage Storage Flagstaff: This storage location is located just 4 minutes from the busy Flagstaff railway station. 
  • Luggage Storage Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre: Not very far from the Melbourne Southern Cross train station, the Melbourne Convention Centre is a storage location. 
  • Luggage Storage Melbourne Southern Cross Station: This storage location is in a local shop that’s just 1 minute from St. Augustine Parish and 3 minutes from Southern Station. 

Why should you choose Radical Storage? 

When it comes to reliable, convenient, and affordable luggage storage facilities near Southern Cross Train Station Melbourne, Radical Storage is one of the reputable names. It has a massive network of secure and certified storage locations across various tourist destinations of the world. 

It has the trust of travelers with its fixed rate, secure locations, and online process. By partnering with local businesses, restaurants, and hotels, Raical Storage has expanded its services to more than 400 cities of the world. In addition to luggage storage facilities near Southern Cross station, you can also rely on Radical Storage if you’re traveling from Melbourne Airport to Southern Cross train station

The fixed-rate policy of Radical Storage makes it a customer favorite.  The policy states that no matter how big or heavy your luggage is, you’ll be charged the same amount without any hidden costs later on. For just $5 per bag per day, you can store any of your bags and get insurance coverage of up to $3000. In case of any emergencies or cancellations, their 24/7 active team is also available. 

How do you book with Radical Storage? 

Storing your hefty bags at Radical Storage’s nearby and convenient storage facilities is a simple and online process. All you have to do is download and install their mobile application on your device. After downloading the app, turn on the GPS to see the list of available locations nearby.

Once you have sorted out different locations in terms of their timing, pricing, and rating, you can start choosing the most suitable location. Radical Storage allows you to book any storage location you want with just a few clicks on your phone. 

After you enter all the details for bookings and hit ‘confirm,’ it will take you to famous payment options such as PayPal, debit, and credit cards. After your booking is confirmed, the company sends you a confirmation email with a QR code, which you can use to check in and out of the storage location. 

If there is any confusion in the booking process or you want to make changes to your booking, you can get in touch with their 24/7 support staff and get instant rapid assistance.