Luggage Storage Melbourne

Melbourne Museum Luggage Storage Options

Melbourne has a lot of indoor activities for tourists, such as museum exhibitions and art galleries. However, places like these don’t always allow you to take your bags with you, especially if you are visiting museums in Melbourne, and that’s what luggage storage providers are for. 

If you are planning a visit to the famous Melbourne Museum, you can rely on nearby luggage storage facilities to take care of your stuff while you explore the museum. Finding great spots for dropping off your bags near Melbourne Museum has become very easy, thanks to international luggage storage companies like Radical Storage and Bounce. 

Wanna know more? Keep reading to have a look at some of the convenient storage locations near the museum, along with the best luggage storage option for you and how it works. 

Why do you need luggage storage at the Melbourne Museum?

Nestled in the Carlton Gardens – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Melbourne Museum is a busy tourist attraction renowned for its cultural and natural history exhibits. It houses approximately 17 million objects of varying categories and is visited by 12 million people annually. 

To protect millions of artifacts from harm or theft, Melbourne Museum has a specific bag policy that stops you from carrying all of your stuff with you to the galleries, making it an epicenter for luggage storage providers. According to the policy, if your handbag or shoulder bag is really small, then you can carry it inside, otherwise, you have to leave it in the cloakroom, which is right next to the ticket desk. Melbourne Museum tickets cost A$ 10-15. 

Now the problem with the cloakroom is that you have to wait in line for your turn to check in your bags before going into the museum galleries, which can take time out of your tour. The ideal solution to this problem is to leave your bags with the independent luggage storage providers near the museum. 

There are multiple luggage storage companies that operate near the Melbourne Museum and provide secure and reliable luggage spots. They offer hassle-free and efficient services to tourists and locals alike to make their visit to the museum smooth and easy-going. 

So, before you book tickets to Melbourne Museum exhibitions, make sure your handbags or backpacks are tucked away somewhere safe and nearby so that you can enjoy your trip and explore as many exhibits, artifacts, and galleries as possible. 

Melbourne Museum Luggage Storage Facilities 

Melbourne Museum’s ideal position near the city center makes it a sought-after attraction for both locals and tourists in the city. That’s one of the reasons you can easily find a diverse range of luggage storage options in its surroundings. 

Whether you’re arriving straight from Melbourne Airport or traveling from Central Station to Melbourne Museum, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to keeping your luggage safe and moving freely. From the station, all the way to the museum, there are tons of secure places by professional storage companies like Radical Storage where you can drop off your bags at affordable prices. 

Let’s have a look at two of the most convenient locations for luggage storage at Melbourne Museum

  • Luggage Storage Melbourne Station: Located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, this storage location is at one of the biggest railway stations in the city and it’s just 3 minutes from the museum and 9 minutes from Old Melbourne Gaol. 
  • Luggage Storage Parliament Station: The Parliament Station luggage storage is a minute or two away from the museum and only 5 minutes from State Library Victoria, in CBD. 

Ideal luggage storage near Melbourne Museum – Radical Storage 

Now that you know there are plenty of luggage storage options to choose from near the Melbourne Museum, you must be thinking about which one to pick. The answer is simple; if security and convenience are your top priorities, then go for Radical Storage

It is a reputable international luggage storage company with safe and reliable storage locations all around the globe. So far, Radical Storage has expanded its expertise in luggage storage to over 400 cities around the world. In Melbourne alone, you can find 15 verified locations offered by Radical Storage, two of them near the museum. 

They have a flat-rate policy for all luggage storage services, irrespective of the size, weight, or dimensions of your bags or suitcases. For each item of your luggage, you get security coverage of up to $3000 and there’s a daily charge of only $5 per bag

How to book with Radical Storage? 

You can reserve your luggage storage spot with Radical Storage using either their mobile app or website, both of which work smoothly and offer quick services. If you are using the Radical Storage App, start by turning on the GPS on your device and it will automatically show you the list of available storage options near you.  

From there, you can pick any one you like according to your preferences and pay online using your Debit/Credit Card or Paypal. Once you finalize your booking, you’ll get a confirmation message from the Radical Storage team on your given email address, along with a QR code

The QR code serves as your booking key for checking your luggage in or out of the selected storage location. In case of any problems with the QR code, there is a booking number as well, which you can use to get your bags. The process is similar on the website, except that you have an option to manually search your location. 

Best Melbourne Museum Exhibits 

The following are some of the best exhibitions at Melbourne Museum that you should definitely check out once your luggage is stored with Radical Storage:

  • Dinosaur Gallery: A wide range of dinosaur fossils. 
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Gallery: Showcases of the culture of First Nation people of Australia.
  • Forest Secrets: Intriguing exhibitions about the Victorian forest and its species. 
  • Bugs Alive: Display of the diversity and significance of insects.