Everything you need to know about luggage storage spots near Brighton Station

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Suppose you’re waiting for your train and still have a few hours or a day to spend. In that case, you’ll need a safe luggage storage facility at Brighton station where to drop off your bulky bags. This post provides a list of the most affordable left luggage services in Brighton.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Can I store luggage at Brighton Station?

If you have a long layover, you might want to leave the station and go to explore the city. However, dragging luggage with you can make it a terrible experience.

Unfortunately, Brighton Station doesn’t provide self-service luggage lockers. But, there are many other places where you can safely store your bags.

What’s the best luggage storage option near Brighton station?

If you don’t want to waste your free time, there is now a great way to get rid of the bags.

Right outside the station, you can find some restaurants, shops, or hotels offering their space for luggage. This kind of service is operated by Radical Storage, the largest luggage storage network in the world.

Radical Storage creates reliable partnerships with local businesses located in over 300 cities, including Brighton. All locations are carefully verified to make sure they provide secure luggage storage and efficient customer service for travelers in Brighton and worldwide.

How does Radical Storage service work?

It’s possible to drop off bags for a few hours or several days. For just £5 per item, you can leave your suitcase for the whole day with a Radical Storage provider.

Luggage could be of any size or weight (strollers or other bulky items are allowed). Also, the rate includes a guarantee for each piece of luggage in case of damage, loss, or thief.

You can book this service in a few clicks through the handy Radical Storage app or its website. To drop off your suitcases in the selected location, you need to follow the address received in the confirmation e-mail and show the QR code at the check-in.

Luggage storage Brighton Station map

brighton station map: luggage storage

Here are some luggage storage facilities close to Brighton Station:

Luggage storage Brighton Station: how much does it cost?

Among many left luggage companies similar to Radical Storage, it’s hard to choose the best one. Undoubtedly, the first thing everybody checks before booking a storage place is its price.

First of all, you need to decide whether to choose an hourly or a daily rate.

For example, LuggageHero applies an hourly rate of £1 per hour plus an additional £2 handling fee per bag.

If you need to store your bag only for a couple of hours, it seems a good option. However, if you need to leave it for more than half a day, it’s better to arrange a daily rate (£8 per item at LuggageHero).

Furthermore, some companies apply extra costs depending on the bag’s size, and some kinds of items are not allowed.

As we already said, Radical Storage has a competitive £5 daily rate. No matter the size or weight of the bag, the price will always be the same. Also, there isn’t any additional handling fee.

Brighton Pier opening times

brighton pier
Brighton is a seaside town located a couple of hours from London. It’s popular for its wide beaches, nightlife, art, and festivals.

The Brighton Pier is one of the most famous tourist piers in Great Britain and one of the most spectacular.

Strolling on this pier among amusements, carousels, and fun attractions is a unique experience that will almost take you back in time (it was opened in 1988).

Naturally, the best part is the fantastic view of the sea and the coast, sights you’ll never forget!

Here you’ll find all about Brighton Pier opening times.

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