Luggage Storage Brighton

Luggage storage in Brighton: best options

Brighton luggage storage guide 2023

Are you looking for some storage options in Brighton, the UK’s most popular seaside city? It can be a challenge to find an affordable and safe place. If you want to know more about luggage storage in Brighton and how to pick the best company for your needs, here you’ll find everything you need to know.

Since Brighton is a tourist destination that sees millions of travelers annually, many companies have popped up, making it easy to find luggage storage in Brighton. However, there’s always the concern about leaving your belongings behind in a place you don’t completely trust.

Our goal is to offer you a list of safe places where you can leave your travel stuff without having to worry about them being damaged or stolen. 

Places to store bags in Brighton

store bags in brighton

If you’re coming to Brighton for a holiday or a business trip, you’ll have a lot to see and do. Imagine you have a few hours left to enjoy an event or hit the beach, but your luggage is in the way.

Wondering what to do with all your bags? If you can’t leave them at your hotel or you’re still waiting to check in, you’ll definitely need a left luggage service.

In addition to automatic lockers, nowadays, several companies like Radical Storage give you the possibility to store your luggage in a nearby shop, restaurant, hotel, or other local business. 

Among different online storage providers, it’s hard to pick the best one. That’s where to come in aid. 

Radical Storage – our recommended option

Radical Storage is a new-age company with an innovative, simple approach. We provide a convenient, flexible, smarter, and secure way to store your items. It connects you to a network of verified private businesses in Brighton and all over the world, offering supervised areas for short-term luggage storage.

Radical Storage gives customers the option to book and pay online in advance through the website or app available for iOS and Android. Then drop off their storage bags with a QR code check-in system.

It costs £5 per bag per day with no size or weight limits. Moreover, every bag left is covered by a guarantee of up to €3000.

Luggage storage Brighton map

brighton luggage storage map

Does Brighton station have lockers?

Brighton railway station is a major transport hub serving the city of Brighton, East Sussex. The station has excellent transport links with trains to London, Hastings, and many other destinations.

If you’re thinking of dropping off your bags at the station while you’re waiting for your train, you won’t find any lockers or left luggage service. 

Luckily, you can use Radical’s luggage storage near Brighton Train Station

Luggage storage options near Brighton’s best attractions

Brighton Pier

The Brighton Palace Pier is an essential piece of Brighton history located in the heart of the city from 1899.

Steeped with character, it’s home to amusement rides, bars, restaurants, and an area to take in the sea views. Open-air rides, including roller coasters and bumper cars, are available on the pier. You can unwind with a cocktail at one of the nearby bars or dine in several nearby restaurants.

Whether you are in Brighton for a day or a week, you don’t want to miss it.

The closest luggage storage option is in Brighton’s Lanes. It’s located just a 10-minute walk from the pier.

Royal Pavilion

Brighton Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a superb former royal residence in Brighton overlooking the sea. 

King George IV commissioned it to John Nash in 1823 as a seaside retreat. With its arches, domes, and mosaics, this extravagant palace is an iconic landmark of oriental design blended with classical European influences.

If you want to visit the Royal Pavilion, you can leave your bags at luggage storage near Brighton Dome or Lanes. Both places are located close to the Pavilion.

SEA LIFE Brighton

sea life brighton

SEA LIFE Brighton is a famous Victorian aquarium in Brighton.

Built in 1872, it’s the oldest working aquarium in the world. It houses more than 35,000 marine creatures and is situated on the seafront of Brighton. From sharks to jellyfish, loggerhead turtles to leafy sea dragons, there is a huge variety of creatures to see and learn about. 

If you need a place to drop off your bags before visiting the aquarium, you can use one of the following options:

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