Sydney Luggage Storage: Your Essential Guide


Your time has come to discover the land down under. You’ve no time to spare. You need to marvel at kangaroos, ogle at the Sydney Opera House and ride the waves down at Bondi Beach. Before you do all that though, you’ll need a place to leave your luggage. Luckily, there are plenty of luggage storage options in Sydney where you can safely leave your heavy suitcases. 

Sydney is filled with captivating charm, quirky neighborhoods and neverending fun. To truly get the most out of it, you won’t want to drag bulky bags behind you. 

Whether exploring the sleek CBD district, stepping back in time to discover the history of Kings Cross or waiting on a ferry at Circular Quay, you’ll find plenty of luggage storage options to make your city sightseeing as stress-free as possible. 

When searching for luggage storage companies, you’ll see that each company has different rates, processes, and locations. We’d recommend looking around to find the most suitable and affordable one that won’t break the bank.

Where can I leave my luggage in Sydney?

If you’re backpacking around Australia and you’ve stopped off in Sydney, you might think you need to drag your heavy backpacks around while you wait to check in to your hostel. Don’t worry! There’s a solution to your heavy problem. 

Like all major cities, Sydney offers safe and convenient luggage storage options near all the main attractions. You might find, however, that luggage storage at Sydney International Airport or the main train stations is expensive. That’s because these areas are tourist hubs and tend to inflate their prices. 

Luckily, there are alternatives to these providers. We have listed some of the most accessible luggage storage facilities in Sydney, located in busy stations and tourist hubs. Most provide affordable and convenient luggage storage options in all of the main areas in Sydney. That includes luggage storage near Sydney Central Station and luggage storage near Bondi Beach

Introducing Radical Storage

Radical Storage is one company that offers safe and convenient luggage storage options in Sydney and worldwide. Whether you’re backpacking and need a place to store your bag while you spend a day in your new city or somewhere to leave your suitcase before you check in to your hotel, Radical Storage has you covered. 

Radical Storage was created to streamline travel and make trips more straightforward and more convenient. This means you can safely leave your belongings in local cafés, restaurants or hotels for as long as needed. From a few hours to a few days, however long it takes to see the sights and get a feel for your new city. 

Just like other storage companies, Radical Storage accepts any size of luggage with no restrictions on the weight of your belongings. This can be done if you need to store a small suitcase, a guitar case, some ski equipment (although maybe not in Sydney!) or even a bike box. Simply book in advance via our website or our app. 

How much does it cost to store bags in Sydney?

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable luggage storage options offered by different companies in most areas of Sydney.

We discovered Radical Storage, which is an affordable alternative to the expensive airport or train station luggage storage costs. It costs AUD 7.90 per bag per day in Sydney. The rate includes a €3000 guarantee for each piece of luggage.

Luggage Storage at Sydney International Airport

Sydney Kingsford Smith is an international airport connecting Sydney to Australia and the rest of the world. 

Sydney International Airport is well connected via public transport to the city center. The train between both locations only takes around 13 minutes, and when you arrive at Central Station, you will find plenty of luggage storage options nearby. You can locate the best options when you check out this Sydney travel guide. 

Sydney Luggage Storage Map 

Sydney is a big city with many diverse neighborhoods that span an extensive area. If you want to do some exploring and see the best spots in the city, you should travel around. That can be tricky when you have big suitcases or backpacks weighing you down. Instead, leave them with Radical Storage partners and enjoy the trip!

You can see where all of Radical Storage luggage partners are via the map. Check it out and see how easy storing your luggage in Sydney can be. 

Luggage Storage at Bondi Junction

Bondi Junction is Sydney’s well-known commercial hub. Home to the best coffee shops in the city and the highest waves around. Bondi Junction, located just up the hill from Bondi Beach, provides a convenient connection between Central Station and Darling Harbour.

If you’re here to enjoy the beach, you won’t want to drag your suitcase across the sand so why not leave your bags at a convenient luggage storage? You can find some storage options in this Sydney travel guide to Bondi Junction.  

Luggage Storage near Kings Cross Station Sydney

Kings Cross Station is Sydney’s main train station. The surrounding area is very busy and a hub of activity. The station lies in the inner eastern suburbs and is a convenient link to the city. 

If you want to explore the nearby sights like Potts Point or the Royal Botanic Garden, you’ll want to leave your bags somewhere safe. In that case, you can drop your bags off at luggage storage near Kings Cross Station Sydney and enjoy baggage-free adventures. 

Places to store bags near Sydney’s Main Attractions

Famous Landmarks:

Popular Areas:

Main Train Stations:

Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is an eclectic city fizzing with a constant buzz of activity. Whether you love a quiet coffee enjoyed by the beach, dancing till morning in a club or strolling through farmer’s markets, gorgeous Sydney has something for you. 

Enjoy the Coogee to Bondi walking trail on one of the many sunny days. Venture out of the city to marvel at the Blue Mountains. Or catch an unforgettable show in the iconic Sydney Opera House. A trip to Sydney is not something you’ll forget in a hurry in fact, many tourists even decide to stay forever! 

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