Luggage Storage Sydney

Discover Sydney CBD’s luggage storage

Sydney Central Business District (CBD) is where the city’s spirit lies. As a prominent commercial and tourism hub of the city, Sydney CBD has much to offer for tourists and locals alike. However, navigating through the lively alleys and the vibrance of the CBD can be tiresome if you have to carry your bags with you everywhere. That’s the reason there are so many options for luggage storage in Sydney CBD that ensure that you explore the bustling streets of the city without any hassle. 

If you are not sure which storage location or company to trust with your belongings during your trip to Sydney CBD, you are in the right place. In this article, we will have a look at the availability of storage facilities in Sydney CBD, the best storage locations, and how to book with a trusted company. So, keep reading! 

Sydney CBD luggage storage facilities 

Sydney CBD, also known as Sydney City Centre is a major business and economic region in Australia, extending over 3 kilometers. With multiple public spaces like parks and gardens and iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Tower, Central Quay, and Queen Victoria Building, Sydney CBD is a significant tourist destination as well, where you’ll need luggage storage services. 

Luckily, that’s not an issue when you are in Sydney City because of the large number of national and international luggage storage companies working there, such as National Storage AU and Radical Storage. They offer a diverse range of luggage storage facilities in Sydney CBD and its surroundings, based on your personal preferences. 

For instance, some luggage storage providers have a fixed rate while others charge according to your luggage size. Similarly, each company has different policies about bookings, security coverage, cancellations, etc, so, it all comes down to what you prefer. 

For novice travelers, the best course of action is to choose a luggage storage location that is not only clean and secure but also nearby, so that you can reduce your traveling cost and inconvenience. We have listed some of the most suitable luggage storage spots in Sydney CBD that are conveniently located at busy tourist attractions. 

Where to store luggage in Sydney CBD? 

As the central location in the city, the Sydney CBD is filled with safe and affordable luggage storage locations. It is directly linked to Sydney Cove and situated near the Sydney Central Station, with Circular Quay on its north-south region and Hyde Park and Sydney Harbour on its east-west side. 

So whether you are in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District or planning on visiting any one of the nearby attractions, you have plenty of luggage storage options to choose from. Here are some of the reliable and main locations for luggage storage in Sydney CBD: 

  • Luggage Storage Sydney Tower Eye: Also known as Westfield Tower, the Sydney Tower Eye is a stunning skyscraper with observation decks and it’s 6 minutes from Hyde Park. 
  • Luggage Storage Sydney Town Hall: It is Sydney’s main civic center and a historical landmark, located 4 minutes away from Sydney Tower Eye. 
  • Luggage Storage Sydney Aquarium:  At just a walking distance from the famous attractions in the CBD like Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Aquarium is a convenient storage option. 
  • Luggage Storage Hyde ParkSouth: It’s a lush green public park that’s within walking distance of the Central Station in Sydney CBD, making it ideal for visiting and storing your bags. 
  • Luggage Storage Museum of Sydney: Situated just a few minutes from the Sydney Opera House, the Museum of Sydney is another popular tourist attraction and storage spot.  

Why choose Radical Storage? 

When it comes to storing your bags in a foreign place, you can always rely on Radical Storage, as it is a leading company offering secure and trustworthy luggage storage services all over the world. With a wide network of thousands of verified storage locations spread in more than 400 cities across the globe, Radical Storage takes care of your luggage wherever you are in Sydney CBD. 

The most important reason for choosing Radical Storage as your partner for luggage storage in Sydney CBD is that it has a fixed rate policy, unlike many other storage companies. It means that no matter how big or heavy your bags are, you don’t have to pay extra for it. In addition to that, on each luggage booking Radical Storage extends a security coverage of up to $3000. 

Radical Storage’s booking procedure 

To book your luggage storage spot with Radical Storage, download their free mobile app and start browsing through the list of available storage locations by turning on the GPS on your device. Select whichever location is the most suitable for you and book online by paying just A$7.90 per bag per day. In case you don’t want to download the Radical Storage app, you can also use their website. 

The entire process is online so you don’t have to wait in lines for your turn. Moreover, Radical Storage has more than one online payment method so that you can reserve your spot seamlessly. After booking confirmation, you get an email containing the QR code that is used for checking your luggage in and out of the storage facilities. 

Things to do in Sydney CBD 

Sydney CBD has a lot to offer for tourists of all ages and interests. For some vibrant cultural and recreational experiences, explore the stunning Queen Victoria Building and Sydney Tower Eye. History buffs would thoroughly enjoy a visit to The Rocks which is an authentic Sydney neighborhood in the Central Business District. 

In the evening, take a leisurely walk to the Circular Quay, where you can catch a ferry to the serene beaches of Sydney Harbour.  If you are with family, don’t forget to go to Hyde Park and museums like the Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Sydney CBD is also brimming with vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment options which you can explore via public transport.