Is there a luggage storage facility at Tiburtina Station?

tiburtina train station

Want to enjoy your last hours in Rome hassle-free?
This post provides a list of luggage storage places near Tiburtina Station, where you can stow away your bags for a few hours or entire days.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

What kind of left luggage services can I find near Tiburtina Station?

Rome isn’t easy to explore, especially if you have only one day or just a few hours and a bulky suitcase by your side. Furthermore, bags aren’t allowed in many places, including the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum.

For this reason, you’ll find many options for storing your luggage, from traditional left luggage facilities at stations and airports to online luggage storage platforms.

Let’s start with the most common option: traditional luggage storage.

Unfortunately, Tiburtina Train and Metro Station have no luggage storage office. But, you can find it at the nearby Tiburtina bus station. To be more precise, it’s located inside the departure area and is open every day, from 5:30 am to 11:59 pm.

Below are the rates of the luggage storage facility in Tiburtina bus station (Tibus):

  • One regular piece of luggage: €10/day;
  • Additional daily rate: €5;
  • Additional fee after 7 days: €3;
  • Bike travel case: €3/day. After the 7th day: €1,50.

Due to high rates and long queues for delivery and collection of luggage, traditional storage offices are becoming less used than online companies offering luggage storage spaces in local businesses throughout the city.

Read on to discover the most affordable luggage storage locations near Tiburtina Station.

What’s the best left luggage provider close to Tiburtina Station?

After a careful comparison of prices, security, and available locations, we realized Radical Storage is the most competitive and comfortable left luggage storage network.

Radical Storage and its competitors work side by side with shops, restaurants, and hotels to create luggage storage networks all over the world. The concept behind this type of service is similar to that of Airbnb. You can book online a luggage storage place where you need it most, without standing in line for hours.


  • No queue: check-in and check-out last 3 minutes;
  • Safe and secure: all storage facilities are verified;
  • Guarantee: a guarantee covers each piece of luggage;
  • Fixed-rate: €5 per day and per item;
  • Many locations open 24/7.

Check out the luggage storage Tiburtina Station map

tiburtina station map: luggage storage

Luggage Storage Tiburtina Station: how to book with Radical Storage

With us, booking is fast and straightforward. Visit the website or download the handy Radical Storage App and enable your geolocation to find the nearest storage points.

Otherwise, type the address of your interest and select the location that suits you best. Enter the number of bags, the other required details, and proceed with the secure payment. Finally, you’ll receive an email with the exact address of the storage point and the QR code you need at check-in.

Other luggage storage companies nearby

NannyBag has several locations in local shops and hotels all over the city. Their price is quite reasonable but still higher than Radical Storage: €6 per bag/day.

Luggage Hero is another company that allows you to store bags at local stores. Contrary to Radical Storage and NannyBag, they apply an hourly rate of €1 per hour, but there’s an additional €2 handling fee per bag. When it comes to short-term storage, it’s a good option. However, if you need to store your bag for more than half a day, it’s no longer cheap.

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