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Use our luggage storage solutions near Roma Termini Station and discover all the shops, restaurants, and bars of the largest station in the Italian capital. Moreover, using these storage locations will also allow you to visit several famous monuments hands-free!

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Do you want to find out what they are? Keep reading this short post!

What kind of luggage storage is available at Roma Termini Station?

Roma Termini Station is the largest train station in Italy. If you’ve just arrived or will leave and still have some free time, you don’t have to waste it. Find the closest storage point to you and enjoy your stay until the end.

Here you’ll find all the details about luggage storage services at Roma Termini Station and some useful tips

Let’s start with traditional self-service lockers. Unfortunately, they are no longer available for security reasons. But you can find a traditional luggage storage office inside the station and another one outside.

If you find the full or if you don’t want to queue up for a long time, you should know that recently, there are many private companies that provide luggage storage services. Among them, Radical Storage is the most widespread.

We created a partnership with local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bike rentals, or shops with a dedicated free space for baggage. There are more than 70 luggage storage locations in Rome, and at least 10 are close to Roma Termini Station.

What’s the difference between traditional and modern luggage storage services?

Traditional storage centers are becoming less used (due to several disadvantages) compared to companies like Radical Storage.

The main left luggage in Termini station is located on the lower level and is open every day from 6 am to 12 pm. The price to store your luggage starts from € 3.80 per item (valid just for a few hours). You can check the details here.

Take note of a few restrictions:

  • Each bag can’t exceed 20 kg.
  • The employers are not responsible for any damages.
  • Storage period may not exceed five days.

Cons: get ready to make a long line!

Another storage center is just outside the station. They apply a daily rate depending on the size of the bag. It starts from €4 per small shopping bag.

Now let’s move on to modern luggage storage services near the Roma Termini Station.

Radical Storage and other related companies provide a wide range of storage facilities located around central hubs and famous landmarks, including Roma Termini, Colosseum, Vatican City area, Trastevere and many more.

All the Radical Storage sites are verified and equipped with secure luggage space. Online booking is required. However, it’ll guarantee space for your bags. Moreover, you’ll save your time at drop-off and pick-up time, and you won’t have to queue up. The exact address of our partner will be shown right after the booking.

Here are all the advantages of Radical Storage:

  • Flat rate: €5 a day, per bag – no weight or size limits.
  • Opening hours: several locations open 24/7.
  • Guarantee: each piece of luggage is covered by a guarantee.
  • Support: multilingual customer service available 24/7.
  • The best user experience: easy-to-use App and booking platform.

Luggage Storage Termini Station: locations open 24/7:

Luggage storage Termini Station map

roma termini station map: luggage storage

Directions and services of Roma Termini Station

termini station luggage storage

Roma Termini is the fifth in Europe in terms of daily passengers. It’s the city center’s railway station and is just a stone’s throw from Piazza dei Cinquecento. It owes its name to the nearby Baths of Diocletian.

The station has 33 platforms and welcomes over 180 million passengers each year. It provides regular train services to all major Italian cities and daily international services to Vienna, Geneva, and Munich.

There’s a direct non-stop train service that connects to the Leonardo da Vinci airport. It runs every 15 minutes every day, and the trip takes 30 minutes.

If you need to get to Ciampino airport, you’ll find a direct bus shuttle outside the station.

In addition, Termini is also the central hub of public transport in Rome. Here you’ll find three metro lines (A, B and B1) and a large bus station. For example, If you have to go to the Vatican, you can take bus number 64, while to reach the Colosseum, you can get on both metro B and metro B1 (to Laurentina).

Inside the station, there are all kinds of services, automatic machines to buy tickets, tobacconists and shops selling mobile phones and sim cards.

You can also find souvenir shops, great Italian fashion brands, and typical bars where you can enjoy tasty coffee.

Is your suitcase broken? There are also several shops selling travel accessories (at any price).

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