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If you don’t want to waste time searching for the best luggage storage service, then you are in the right place. Here you’ll find a guide on all available luggage storage facilities near Sagrada Familia. Check it out and choose your favorite one!

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Luggage storage Sagrada Familia: self-service lockers

During your vacation, you may need to leave your luggage in a safe place, probably only for a few hours or even for longer periods.

If your host cannot keep your suitcases, you may decide to store them inside self-service lockers.

Below you’ll find the best-known lockers’ provider in Barcelona.

Stow your Bags

Stow your Bags provides self-service luggage lockers located just a few steps from the Sagrada Familia. The storage room is under 24-hour video surveillance. You won’t find any on-site operator, but you can contact the customer service team via VoIP phone in case of need.

Rates depend on the locker size:

  • Standard lockers cost €12,99 per day (or €1,49 per hour);
  • Larger lockers cost €17,99 per day (€2,49 per hour).

You can book both online and directly inside the room using the touchscreen.

Pay attention not to lose your locker code, and you’ll need it at drop-off and pick-up. Also, keep in mind that lockers aren’t a strongbox, so we advise not to leave valuables inside.

If this isn’t the best option for you, check out the following luggage storage service. It’ll surprise you!

Radical Storage is the best left luggage facility near the Sagrada Familia

Radical Storage is the largest luggage storage network available in all major cities in the world. This service is based on partnerships with local businesses, such as shops, hotels, or offices that are willing to keep luggage.

Radical offers three storage facilities just outside the Sagrada Familia (you’ll discover the full address only after completing the reservation). It also provides storage places in other areas of the city, such as Camp Nou, la Rambla, and many important sights and stations.

It costs €5 per day and per bag. The rate includes a guarantee for each piece of luggage and doesn’t vary according to the size or weight of the item (you can leave bulky suitcases, pushchairs, etc.).

How to book your Radical Storage space?

You can easily do everything online (through the website or App).
Follow these steps to book and pay:

  1. Type a city, address or location, or enable your geolocation;
  2. Choose one of the left luggage facilities from the map or list;
  3. Fill in the date and drop-off/pick-up time;
  4. Type a valid email and proceed with the secure payment.

After that, you’ll receive an email with all booking details, including the address and a QR code to show at check-in.

Once you reach the storage facility, you can quickly leave your items and start visiting the Sagrada Familia hands-free (it takes only 3 minutes to get rid of your bags).

Luggage storage Sagrada Familia map

Get a look at the map and check the closest left luggage facilities to the Sagrada Familia.
luggage storage sagrada familia map

  • Luggage storage Plaza de Gaudí (open h24): in a mini-market and souvenir shop (210 meters from the Sagrada Familia);
  • Luggage storage Sagrada Familia: in a bike rental office (250 meters from the Sagrada Familia);
  • Luggage storage Avinguda Diagonal: also in a bike rental store (230 meters from the Sagrada Familia).

Luggage storage Sagrada Familia pricing table

As you may imagine, several other companies that follow the Radical Storage concept also offer a similar left luggage service. Among all of them, it becomes challenging to choose the best one.

One of the first things everybody checks before booking a storage place is its price. Keep in mind that it could be an hourly or a daily rate.

If you need to leave your suitcase only for a couple of hours, you can try a company such as LuggageHero that applies an hourly rate of €1 per hour (plus an additional €2 handling fee per bag).

However, if you need to store it for more than half a day, it’s better to arrange a daily rate (LuggageHero – €8 per bag/day).

To sum up and make your choice faster, we’ve created this comparison pricing table listing all major luggage storage Sagrada Familia companies in Barcelona.

 Radical StorageStow Your BagsLuggage HeroNannybag
Number of locations per city5721535
Daily rate€5 per bag€12,99 per locker€8 per bag€6 per bag
Handling FeeNoYesYesNo

Sagrada Familia metro

Sagrada Familia metro station is located a short walk from the entrance to the Basilica. It connects you to lines 2 and 5 of the city’s subway.

You can access the station from Plaça de la Sagrada Família,
Carrer de Mallorca, and Carrer de Provença.

The history of the Sagrada Familia

sagrada familia
The Sagrada Familia is the most popular landmark in Barcelona. Thousands of tourists admire this iconic temple every day.

Although it’s considered to be Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece, he did not design the initial project. The project, in fact, was commissioned in 1882 to the architect Paula del Villar y Lozano. The initial ideas were related to a much smaller church than the one that was built later.

After a disagreement between the former architect and the donors, the project was assigned to Gaudi, who completely redefined it, designing an innovative temple composed of 18 towers. Unfortunately, he only had time to create one of them before his early death.

From 1914 Gaudi decided to focus exclusively on the Sagrada Familia project, building a small house close to the construction site so that he could always be present. On June 7, 1926, he was hit by a tram on his way to the site. He died three days later and was buried in the unfinished Sagrada Familia’s crypt.

Although it’s still not completed, Gaudi’s dream is gradually coming true through other architects’ work and thanks to some donations and incomes from the visits.

Sagrada Familia towers

Among the 18 towers designed by Gaudi, so far, only 8 have been built. The architect wanted to dedicate twelve towers to the apostles, four towers to the evangelists, one to Mary and another to Jesus. Each tower has a different height (it depends on the religious hierarchy the towers symbolize).

The current plan includes a 170-meter tower that will be the highest ever made in a church.

Sagrada Familia visit: useful information

You can purchase tickets to enter the Sagrada Família directly at the ticket office located at the entrance (rates start from €11.50). However, to avoid long queues, it’s better to buy them in advance online (both on the official website and other sites).

The current opening hours are:

  • Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • You can buy the last tickets thirty minutes before closing time.
  • The management may occasionally modify the opening times and days due to special events taking place inside the Basilica.

Find here all the updates.

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