Top-rated luggage storage options in Downtown Washington

luggage storage downtown washington

Looking for luggage storage in Downtown Washington? We’ve compiled a guide of the most popular storage options to help travelers in need, like you, find the best place where to leave bags.

Whether you’re visiting Washington for business or vacation, our guide to luggage storage in Downtown Washington will help. We’ve looked into all the options available and tested them out ourselves so you can choose the best service that meets your needs.

Downtown Washington luggage storage list

Staying in or around Downtown Washington during your trip? When visiting a city like Washington, you’re going to want to make the most of your trip and see as much of the city as possible. With that comes the problem of figuring out what to do with your luggage if you can’t leave it at your hotel. 

Storage services are plentiful in Washington and are one of the most affordable ways to get rid of your luggage if you can’t carry it around the city.

Here is a list of affordable luggage storage options in Downtown Washington:

These convenient storage facilities are provided by Radical Storage, an online luggage storage provider.

Why should you pick Radical Storage?

No more renting storage units and rushing to the overcrowded train station or bus terminal. Choose a more affordable and comfortable Radical Storage solution! 

With Radical Storage, you can take advantage of the opportunity to store luggage at local businesses and save money, time, and energy. This luggage storage service is much more advantageous and reasonable than traditional storage offices or luggage lockers.

With a simple app or website, you will be able to find a storage facility close to your current location or the one you intend to visit and leave your baggage with local people inside restaurants, shops, and hotels, who will be responsible for keeping them safe.

All storage spaces are ultra-secure and charged at an affordable daily rate ($6 per bag) instead of the standard hourly fee. Also, many of the luggage storage locations are available 24/7. The rate doesn’t vary based on the size or weight of the bag, allowing you to store strollers, extra-large suitcases, etc.

Radical Storage customer service is always ready to help you get what you need quickly and efficiently.

How to book with Radical Storage

The Radical Storage booking process is fast and straightforward.

Simply download the Radical Storage app (available for iOS and Android devices) or use the website, and you’ll see several storage locations displayed on a map or listed in a list sorted by distance and popularity.

Pick the location you like, choose a storage time that suits you and add the number of bags you’re going to leave. Then pay online, and you’ll receive a confirmation with the storage contact details and address. 

The app/website notifies you when your storage time starts and expires.

There’s no need to call or email ahead. Just reserve your space in advance!

Things to do in Downtown DC

Downtown Washington is home to many of the city’s landmarks, museums, and institutions. There’s always something going on, from food festivals to live music, from farmers markets to theater and sporting events.

Experience the best of this unique locale by touring the city’s many historic sites, wildly diverse art galleries and museums, park-like campuses and gardens, and eclectic bars and cafes. 

We’ve put together a list of the top ten things to do in downtown Washington DC as well as a few of the best Smithsonian Museums near the National Mall.

Besides the White HouseCapitol Hill, and Lincoln Memorial, there are several other exciting attractions. 

Cultural venues include the National Museum of Women in the Arts, with works by Frida Kahlo and Mary Cassatt. Meanwhile, the Renwick Gallery, housed in a historic 19th-century building, exhibits artworks from the Smithsonian American Art Museum and contemporary crafts collections.

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