All you need to know about luggage storage in San Francisco

luggage storage san francisco

Luggage storage San Francisco: guide 2023

If you’re wondering where to leave your bulky suitcase when sightseeing in the city, you’ve ended up in the right place. In this post, we’ll take a deep look at some of the best luggage storage options in San Francisco.

No need to search for useful information, we’ve done all the work for you, summing up different services, their prices, and locations.

Luggage storage near San Francisco hotspots

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Imagine you’re in San Francisco and want to explore the city. You already know you are going to visit Alcatraz and cross the Golden Gate Bridge. What you probably don’t know is where you can drop off your bags.

What’s the best luggage storage in San Francisco, you ask? 

If you’ve ever traveled to San Francisco, you know how expensive the services can be. This can especially be troublesome for tourists with a limited budget.

Luckily, we tested several affordable storage options and are happy to share our experiences.

Here’re some of the most famous luggage storage locations in San Francisco:

Castro District is one of the city’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods, known for being the heart of gay communities. The neighborhood is home to many bars and restaurants along with eclectic shops that make it one of the top tourist destinations in San Francisco.

Union Square is one of the most famous attractions in the city. It’s a popular shopping hub and a place where people gather to enjoy themselves. Its beautiful architecture, great bars and restaurants, and fun activities make it a must-see location for tourists visiting this city.

Van Ness is a Muni subway station located at the junction of Market Street and Van Ness Avenue. Nearby, there are several famous landmarks such as Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and Asian Art Museum.

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Why is Radical Storage the best luggage storage provider in San Francisco?

Radical Storage is a unique luggage storage solution, bringing you a fast and convenient way to store your bags during your travels. It provides highly-secured service at local shops, restaurants, hotels, and other places where you can safely leave your bags.

The daily rate in San Francisco is $6 per bag of any size or weight. It also includes a €3000 guarantee for each piece of luggage.

Radical Storage staff carefully select and verify their partners in order to provide an efficient and secure service.

How do I store bags in San Francisco with Radical Storage?

Radical Storage allows customers to find, book, and pay online with the same convenient process as your favorite online shopping site. 

No more calling around to various storage facilities to reserve a space and ask for details. Just download the app or go online to search for any available storage options in a particular city. Find the one that is closest to you or close to the train/bus station and book with a few clicks.

Once you reach the location, you don’t have to queue. The drop-off and pick-up process is fast and easy.

Things to do in San Francisco

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San Francisco is known for its hilly terrain, eclectic mix of architecture, culture, and beautiful views.

Its beautiful scenery, extensive history, culture, and unique attractions make it one of the most popular cities in the US and one of the most visited cities in California.

The city is filled with history, art, and great food. If you’re new to San Francisco and looking for things to do, we’ve got a list of places that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Fisherman’s Wharf
    Located on the northern waterfront, Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the city’s most popular tourist areas. This historic district is filled with gift shops, seafood restaurants, and bars. It offers breathtaking views of the bay, the Golden Gate, and Alcatraz.
  • Alcatraz Island
    A short ferry ride away from the city, this small island is home to the abandoned Federal Prison, which served as a maximum-security penitentiary. Before it closed down in 1963, Alcatraz was the site of America’s toughest prisons.
  • Golden Gate Bridge
    The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is a famous suspension bridge in art deco style that can be crossed by car, bicycle, and on foot. The bridge connects San Francisco to the city of Marin County across the Golden Gate Strait, which is part of the Pacific Ocean.

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