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Are you planning to visit Venice for the first time? There are some things you should know before. First, we’ll help you find an affordable luggage storage facility near Piazzale Roma so that you can enjoy your time hands-free.

Find a luggage storage location near you and book in few seconds!

Venice – Piazzale Roma luggage storage facilities

Venice is one of the most charming cities in the world. Also called the “City of Canals” for its 170 canals, it’s the only city in Europe where vehicles are not allowed. Almost 400 bridges connect the floating town where there are usually more tourists than locals.

Venice offers an endless number of things to see and do but it’s also a challenging city to explore, especially for travelers with bulky luggage.

If you’re one of these desperate visitors, don’t panic! You’ll find several luggage storage facilities near Piazzale Roma.

Piazzale Roma is the gateway to the city center and it’s also the innermost point where cars and busses are allowed.

Here are some places to drop off your bags near Piazzale Roma:

  • Luggage storage service at Santa Lucia train station;
  • Self-service lockers near Piazzale Roma;
  • Luggage storage providers located inside local businesses throughout Venice.

If you need to find a storage place as soon as possible, you’ll find one of the best options below. Keep reading, and don’t waste your time!

Luggage storage Piazzale Roma: Radical Storage is the best option!

Here we will introduce you to an innovative left luggage service (Radical Storage) that will change your way of traveling. We’re talking about storage providers located inside local shops, hotels, or restaurants.
Radical Storage is a real life-saver! It’s the largest luggage storage network in the world (available in over 350 major cities). In Venice, there are more than 13 storage areas situated close to the most famous landmarks.

All Radical Storage partners (called Angels) are safe, always verified, and supervised.

Online booking and payment are mandatory. However, the process is quick and straightforward. Moreover, you won’t have to queue, and you’ll save time on both drop-off and pick-up.

Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Fixed daily rate: €5 (per item);
  • Guarantee on each piece of luggage;
  • No limitations on luggage size or weight;
  • 24/7 customer service.

How does Radical Storage work?

First of all, you need to find a suitable storage place near you and book it. Then, you can get rid of your suitcase with a 3-minute check-in.

How to book?

  • Use the Radical Storage app or online platform to type in a location (or enable your geolocation);
  • Choose a storage spot from the map or list;
  • Fill in all necessary fields and proceed to online payment.

Please note that you won’t find the exact location’s address on the webpage. You’ll receive it right after booking, along with a QR code to show at check-in.

How to drop off your bags?

  • Reach the storage location following the address received after booking;
  • Show your QR code at check-in;
  • Drop off your bags and enjoy your free time hands-free!

Luggage storage Piazzale Roma map

luggage storage piazzale roma map
  • Luggage storage Piazzale Roma: right by Piazzale Roma; 230 meters from Venice Santa Lucia Station; 250 meters from Papadopoli Gardens.
  • Left luggage Port: 800 meters from Piazzale Roma; 900 meters from Ferry Terminal P.le Roma.
  • Luggage storage Venice Train Station: 530 meters from Piazzale Roma; 280 meters from Venice Santa Lucia Station.

Discover more luggage storage Piazzale Roma services

Luggage storage Venice train station

Santa Lucia station is the main and only railway station in Venice, one of the largest in Italy. It connects Venice to the major Italian cities, such as Milan, Rome, and Naples, as well as to several European hubs such as Paris, Vienna, and Geneva.

KiPoint manages self-service luggage lockers at the station. If you travel by train, Santa Lucia Station’s left luggage service seems to be a quite good option to visit the charming city with ease, even if its price isn’t affordable. It costs €6 per item for the first 5 hours, then €1 per hour up to the twelfth hour, and €0.50 per hour from the thirteenth hour onwards.

Please note that the luggage lockers service at Santa Lucia train station is currently unavailable due to the Covid-19 emergency.

Luggage lockers near Piazzale Roma

Stow Your Bags provides self-service lockers close to Piazzale Roma. The lockers room has 24/7 video surveillance and a VoIP phone to contact customer service in case of need. The price depends on the size of the locker (the standard locker costs from €12,99 per day).

Unlike Radical Storage facilities, Stow Your Bag lockers are generally not large enough to fit bulky suitcases or other oversized items like strollers, etc.

Please note, that due to the Covid-19 emergency, all Stow Your Bags luggage lockers are currently closed.

Trasbagagli luggage storage

Trasbagagli has two storage locations close to Piazzale Roma. This company provides a traditional luggage storage service that is open every day from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. It costs 5 euros per bag for the first three hours and €7 per bag for the whole day.

Piazzale Roma Bus Station

Piazzale Roma is a large square built in 1933 to house Venice’s central bus station, a tramway line (from Mestre), and parking lots. Here you’ll find buses connecting you to the mainland, Marco Polo Airport, and Treviso Airport.

Piazzale Roma is also the perfect transit hub to reach by water buses (“vaporetti”) Venice’s main attractions and some of the nearby islands, such as Murano and Lido. Water taxis and buses depart from Venice Bus Station almost every minute.

Piazzale Roma to San Marco

piazza san marco venice
If you want to enjoy a panoramic tour of the city and admire its most beautiful views, such as San Marco square, the most suitable “vaporetto” is line 2. It navigates the Grand Canal to St. Mark’s Square and ends its ride through the Giudecca Canal and Tronchetto island.

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