Luggage Storage Munich Guide 2024

You have planned these days for a few months by now, and after so much excitement and frustration, your holiday finally has arrived, and you can take a step and visit the wonderful city of Munich, as you have desired up until now. Buckle up and start to warm up your feet, because Munich is full of surprises, landmarks, and wonderful activities to do, that will certainly make you book your whole week here. However, there is one thing that is stopping you from your tour of the city: your heavy luggage, that you need to carry around and are slowing you down.

There might be many different reasons as to why you are visiting Munich: maybe you are on a trip with your family, you are visiting one of your friends that lives here or you have a work meeting that you absolutely need to do for that very important job, so you don’t have time to bustle around the city, because there are things to do and people to meet. But, before diving into the exploration of the city and all its greatest activities, you might need to slow down and first, get rid of your heavy bags and suitcases, which are an obstacle in the crowded streets of Munich.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, you don’t need to worry about it because there are a million solutions, ready for you, and the most profitable one, and also convenient for your pockets, is to look for a luggage storage, so that you can store all your belongings in a safe and convenient place, while you are out and about in Munich. Luckily, there are many luggage storage solutions available in the city for you to choose from, but here lies a question: which one you should trust your luggage with?

How do you store luggage in Munich?

Once you have arrived in the city of Munich, there are so many different things you can do and, most importantly, many places that you can visit, so you should not waste any more time and simply get to discover, piece by piece, all the incredible secrets that Munich has to offer. But, in order to fully breathe the air of the city and be free to roam around the streets of the city, without anything holding you back, you have to first find a place where you can leave all your luggage and belongings so that they can be safe.

All your plans for your trip and all the places that you have already booked in advance for months for you to visit can be destroyed by one single thing: your heavy luggage and bags. In fact, not only it is terribly difficult to walk around the city carrying all your bags and suitcases with you, but in some places, such as museums and various attractions, large bags and suitcases are not allowed, so you are kind of forced to find a place where you can leave them for a while and be free to do all the things that you have planned.

If you find yourself in a problematic situation, such as the one described above, and you don’t know what to do, you should know that there are many solutions ready for you to arrive, but the most important one that might actually help you with your belongings is to book some luggage storage that can store for a while your heavy bags and luggage, so that you don’t need to worry about their well-being and safety, because someone else will be taking care of them, during your absence.

As you may notice, there are many solutions in terms of luggage storage for you in the city of Munich, thanks to its great selections, but this is not helping you, because there is so much choice that you don’t know which ones are the right options for you and, most importantly, for your pockets. In fact, you may need to find some luggage storage that might be the best solution for you, with all the right characteristics: they must be safe, close to your surroundings, convenient, and reliable. But where to put your trust and luggage?

Radical Storage and luggage storage in Munich just for you

If you are looking for the right solution for your troubles, then you must rely on Radical Storage, an international luggage storage company that can offer you many different solutions in terms of luggage storage in Munich, as well as all over the world. Thanks to Radical Storage, you can find in the surrounding area where you are, many convenient and reliable luggage storage that you can book and store your luggage at so that you can get rid of all these worries and finally have the time of your life in Munich.

Radical Storage has many wonderful characteristics that make them the perfect luggage storage option for you and all your needs, but most importantly they provide you with a great selection of luggage storage options, scattered all across the city of Munich, mainly near the transportation hubs and the most important and visited landmarks of the city, so that you will not fret around looking for it, because it will certainly be at a few steps away from you. The company can offer this service thanks to its collaborations with local companies and businesses, such as cafès, restaurants, shops, and other ventures, according to standards of reliability, convenience, and safety.

Radical Storage can provide you with some luggage storage for any of your items, even larger ones such as handbags, strollers, bike boxes, and much more!

How much does it cost to store some luggage storage in Munich with Radical Storage?

Radical Storage is very convenient to use in the sector of luggage storage since it provides you with a great price that not only will make you snatch some comfortable luggage storage in less than a few minutes but will also provide you with a series of different advantages, all for a very competitive price. In fact, booking some luggage storage in Munich with Radical Storage will only cost you a fixed price per day and per piece of luggage, with added security coverage, which will give you more than 3000 euros.

As it has been mentioned before, along with the actual luggage storage, you will also obtain many different privileges included in the price, so that you can have a seamless experience with the company, such as flexible hours, a user-friendly website, no waiting periods, and many more, so don’t be afraid to choose and rely on the incredible offer of Radical Storage, so that you can store your luggage and belongings without anything holding you back.

How to book some luggage storage in Munich with Radical Storage

If you want to book some luggage storage in Munich or in any part of Germany with Radical Storage, you will suddenly realize that it is very easy and convenient to do so, since the booking process is really short and it only requires a few steps. So, don’t waste any time and visit the website or download the app Radical, which you can find on both iOS and Android.

After arriving on their website, you can scroll through their main page and you will find an interesting toolbar, which will lead you to their main feature: an interactive map that will show you a list of luggage storage close to you. The only thing that you need to do is search your location or the one that you will visit and in a moment, you can choose the luggage storage you want.

Once you have selected the luggage storage that you want to book, there are only a few steps left, which are to insert important information such as the booking hours for the luggage storage and the number of pieces of luggage that you want to store and, in a moment, you will be able to head out to the checkout, pay for your luggage storage and use it on the go, as soon as you’d like to.

Munich luggage storage map

Once you have arrived in the wonderful city of Munich, you will suddenly see how there are many different things that you could do and places that you can visit in the city center. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is to take advantage of the great offer of Radical Storage, with its incredible selection of luggage storage all over the city, thanks to the collaboration with local companies and businesses, so that you can store your luggage and have the time of your life in Munich.

Search for the luggage storage closest to you thanks to their map and discover what Radical Storage has in store for you with their luggage storage in Munich.

Munich: main attractions

Munich Central Station

Munich Central Station is the biggest and most used train station in the entire city since it connects the city center to all the city neighborhoods and even to the major cities in the entire country. Therefore, it is very crowded and lived every day by locals and tourists, in order to arrive in the city and discover, piece by piece, all its incredible secrets.

Radical Storage has many amazing luggage storage options in Munich Central Station so that you can store your bags in a safe environment and start your new adventure on the right foot and without anything holding you back.


This square is nestled in the deep heart of the city and, if you have just arrived in Munich, you absolutely need to visit and see with your own eyes the magical aura of this place, which will make you discover a part of Munich that you will never forget, such as its past. Going through Marienplatz, you will be able to visit the city center of Munich and walk around its crowded but super exciting streets, so that your trip can find its itinerary.

Luckily, you can find just right outside of the square many different luggage storage near Marienplatz by Radical Storage, so that you can find the perfect spot for you to leave your bags and belongings, so that you can continue your trip without heavy bags to carry around.